Saturday, March 16, 2013

A.D. 13 (Wow! Time is kinda going by!)

Today was a really nice day. Quite enjoyable and I was thankful for that. I needed it more than I realized...not really because anything has been going just really was a spirit booster and I'm thankful for it. :)

Mom took Abby and Naomi and headed to FL for the day to do the drill team with the horses and the rest of us staid home and really enjoyed the time together. Em was at work though. :( BUT! We stopped in and hung out with her and her co-workers and boss (some of the best, neatest and nicest people. Her boss is really a great, great Christian man.)

We all worked for the morning, then headed out around lunch time and then got a movie and watched it at home. We rented the 2012 movie, "Safe". And let me tell you...that is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The plot...the characters...I just loved it. And Dad did too! He was thrilled with it, which made me happy because I kind of talked him into getting it and I can't stand it when that happens and he ends up not liking the movie very much lol. But, we all loved it and are glad we went with it. There was a bit of language, but nothing else other than violence and it didn't feel too heavy. ( that I think about it...there was a lot of killing...I love war movies though and compared to some like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, it didn't seem so...gory.) Anyways! It was completely awesome and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. The acting was so awesome and they couldn't have casted the main character and little girl any better. It was great.

Anyways! Yes...glad to see a good movie. :P

Headed to church tomorrow, Lord willing! :) Hope y'all had a great day! I didn't get many pictures...shame on me again. :P But here's what I got. :)

I was driving...but I realized that I didn't take my license/ I thought maybe I shouldn't drive. :P I look like a dear in headlights here. :P But it was the best I could get. A certain (un-named brother...but his name starts with an "M" and he is behind Dad.) was being a stinker about getting the picture. :P

No words can describe the beauty of this picture. 

Red Box! Not as good as Movie Gallery (R.I.P.) IMO. But better than nothin' for sure! :D 

And Lydia and me at M.P. Surplus! (Can you tell that we are sisters? :P ) 

And that's all I got! I might get pictures at church tomorrow...not sure. 

Hope y'all have a great day tomorrow! :D Be sure to smile and shine for Christ! And rest in Him knowing that He has everything and loves us and has a plan. :)

Goodnight, my friends! :) 

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