Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Day

Well, like the title of this post was another day. Not an exciting day, not a terrible day...just another day. Which is not a bad thing at all.
I got a good bit done today. I'm trying like crazy to just keep myself busy and productive otherwise the days are so, so long and that's just not good. Plus...I want to be more than just a toad. :P I need to be productive and bettering myself, my skills etc.
So,'s a few pictures of the day! :) My main "event" was working in the garden and *sniff* giving my hamsters to Micah. They just weren't...exactly helping my asthma by living in my room.'s back to being just me in my room and it feels terribly dead and lonely. I seriously need a fish.
The garden work went fine...aside from being eaten alive by ants, looking down to have two huge brown spiders crawling on my hands, encountering another black widow the hard way and pulling a muscle in my neck, it went very smoothly! I'm being dramatic...but all of that did happen. :P And that's okay...I got some good work done and even though I don't love the feels good to be useful and doing some hard work. (If the garden doesn't sound like hard work...wait till you see the pictures...)

Anyways! I think I might be rambling now...I feel like I could type forever and ever right now. :P Getting ready to Skype with a friend and that's going to be super nice. She's one of those friends that I can just talk to...such a blessing.

Here are the pictures! Sure hope and pray y'all had a blessed day! :)

First off...I got my room back in order. That feels so good...and yes...believe it or not, this is actually in order for my room. 

My boys... *sniff* I miss them...but I'm glad Micah has them...I can see them whenever I want. :D

Em got Mom these flowers for her birthday (for Emily's birthday...she got Mom flowers...savvy?)  They're sooooo pretty. 

Yeah. Let's move on.
JK...I really do love this dog...most of the time. :P 

Okay! So...yes...this is the garden bed I worked on' was a job. The root system through that bed was ridiculously huge and deep down. And you see that thing in the front left corner? Yeah...that's a fire ant bed.
Here's the lovely home of those dear creatures who found me to be very tasty.  We thought for a little while that I  must be allergic to fire ants because I was feeling really strange...but we don't think that's the case now as the bites never got any worse than normal for fire ants. 

Yeah...I destroyed their home. Poor things. IDK if you can see it...but if you look closely you might be able to see the swarm of ants. There were... a lot of ants. 

The sky was so blue today and the weather was great for the most part. I  checked the weather and decided to put my hoodie on...that lasted all of ten or fifteen minutes before I was burning up. 

Mom and Dad did a trip to DG so I came in to watch the minions. Here's one of them hard at work doing school.

And the other making a hangman's noose. Okay, not really.

Then I got back out to work in the garden and staid out there through dinner time to  get  it done before the sun went down. You can see it now at the halfway point how thick those weeds were and that's not even showing what's under the dirt. I haven't uncovered all the beds, so for all I know this one is mild compared to the others. :P 

And it's done. Isn't it...beautiful? maybe  not. But that was a lot of good work. :P And I did weed that ant bed without even caring if they attacked me...thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been and I survived. :P 

And on top of all the awesomeness today I actually had my first harvest. Most unexpectedly too. Apparently the bed I was cleaning out was our old sweet potato bed. :P 

And that would seem to be all for the day! :) I have no idea when my job at M.P. Surplus starts...I'm really hoping it's soon, but we'll see. 

Hope y'all have a great day tomorrow! Always an adventure to be had and always a chance to shine for Christ. :) 

Later, folks. :) 

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  1. ouch! but i'm glad you got some sweet potatoes and a cleared-out garden bed out of the deal. :-) nice work.
    love that photo of Naomi doing cute. classic studying posture! :-)
    enjoyed catching up on your posts, Anna!
    Love, Katie