Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A.D. 16

A day late...yes...tis true. But old news is still good news. Not much changes around here lately, so it really won't hurt things. :P

Honestly can't remember much that happened yesterday other than what is documented in these pictures!

Sure hope y'all had a wonderful day today with lotsa smiling and shining for Christ! :D Keep looking up and remembering what really matters in life. I find that when you find yourself worrying and stressing or just does wonders to just shut your brain down and only think about what really matters. Which really is a small, simple and rather freeing list. be da pix! :D

Started out by making bread...

Micah doing school at about 8 in morning. 

Micah totally has the coolest to mine. 8-)

Then it was time for hot chocolate and reading again! 

We picked out a book for me to read outloud to them and chose quite the long undertaking. But w'ere all enjoying it and I'm glad we're reading it. It's not the kind of book I would read by myself...but it's so fun to read to the kids and they're really liking the story. It's hard to read because it's written in older English and has no quotation marks when people talk! It doesn't start a new paragraph either for dialogue, so I've been developing quite the outloud reading skills...even more-so than I had before. :P 

It might not be the prettiest chair...but man, oh man! This is just about the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. 

Minions doing stuff while I read. 

And then they're back to school.

Naomi and I colored again.

Then we rebuild America. And it wasn't so hard. I don't know why the government has such a hard time. 

Naomi wanted a I pulled out my old weaving loom that I used when I was little and strung it up for her. We didn't have any yarn available so...I took a long piece of fabric and tore some thin strips from it and she used those to make a little rug! 

Here we have "Old Faithful". The boy who will do just about anything I ask him to...and then we have...

and then we have the peanut gallery. 

Naomi with a pearler bead project. 

The kids went outside and played volley ball later on while I made dinner. 

Yummy, right?

I used the bread from dinner the night before and made some seasoned bread crumbs, then soaked the chicken in a mustard-ish batter. 

Very important roots. 

Some of the best potatoes I've made. I put onions and ranch dressing and other spices in them along with some sour cream and milk. 

Micah in his bee suit that I called the Redneck Astronaut. 

And this is the urban beekeeper. :P 

Em and I ran to get Dad and Mom some stuff from town. :)

And a shot of part of town. Love this place. :)

That's it, folks! I'm behind on blogging, I know...IDK if I'll blog today tomorrow or not. Maybe just blog tomorrow. Gonna be Micah and I at home all day...the rest of the family is going away for the day. Then I'm going down the street to get briefed on how to take care of someone's cats while they're on a trip. Fun, yes? :)

Y'all have an awesome day tomorrow! Keep smiling and shining for Christ. (A little grinning would be good too...)

Goodnight, everyone! :) 

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