Thursday, March 14, 2013

A.D. 11

Can you believe it? I hardly got any pictures today. "So shame on me no-ow!" (Sorry, folks...when I hear a phrase and a song comes to mind...I must sing it no matter what. yes...that means even in the middle of Wal-Mart. But anyways...I digress.) Okay! pictures. :P Sorry about that...

I was going to plan the garden today, but it's supposed to get super cold tonight and I don't want the poor baby plants to I'm going to do it tomorrow, Lord willing! Pictures of that to be posted...again, Lord willing tomorrow evening.

Today...let me think...wait! I KNOW better than to do that. I've said before...let me talk instead.

Today, I got up and went and cleaned my neighbor's house...then...I came home and...what did I do after that? Oh...I talked to my Mom for a bit. My Mom is so awesome, y'all. Get this...I was feeling kinda just...blah. Not depressed, but a bit lonely and just...yeah...blah. So I'm talking to Mom and she says..."I know what you need, Anna...just a minute." She leaves and comes back with her iPad. She sits it down on the floor next to us and pulls up a video that just melted all of both of our sorrows away. What was this magical video? was Donny Osmond back in the 70's singing Puppy Love as a teenager. :P Purple tie and everything! So, we watched some Osmond videos and both felt better. *nod* Mom is just cool.

Anyways! Sorry...I thought that was awesome. :P

Then...I cleaned the house up a bit and waited for Dad to get home...when he did, he swept Mother off of her feet to take her to Dothan. (Sometimes I swear those two are still on their honeymoon. And I love that. 8-) ) They were gone a good while, so I watched the dear little minions (Who were exceptionally well behaved today, that I think about it. :P ) And Granny came over for a bit so we hung out. Always love doing that, don't we Granny? :D

Then! Dad and Mom came home and here's the best part of the day up to that point...they brought chicken fingers and ranch dressing with them for dinner. yeah...I was happy. That and Mango tea...almost perfect. All we needed was some McDonald's french fries and it would have been the bestest feast ever. :P

Now, I'm just chilling and relaxing. That's good and nice to do. Just relax. Not so hard either. Not when you just trust God and smile and believe in what is real. Not so hard at all. Kinda makes you smile. does. Everyone should try it.

So! For the VERY few pictures I got today (I'm sorry...don't unfriend me or anything!)

Y'all keep smiling and shining for Christ! It's more beautiful than you can even know...seriously. when I finally take a picture today...what is it of? Emily in the horse poo bucket!!?? Yeah... (it is brand new and has not been used yet, btw. :P )

She's so funny and adorable. ;P

Ohhhh! Mom is working on slowly building up a new table set...and she found these tonight for an INCREDIBLE deal! They'r real lead crystal...aren't they SO pretty? 

And yours truly. Well...not Right there. You know who you are. Yours truly. (Rrrrandom and crazy. That's my middle name. two middle names. :P I can't say anything straight  can I? IDK...people are always saying "Yours truly" and it's so I have to mix it up a bit. I said...I'm crazy. I must keep my reputation! )

Oh...and I posted this on G+, but not all of you have thought I'd post it here too because I've tried so many times to get a picture of my eyes like this and I finally got one! IDK why it didn't work before. I guess I needed Oscar...and IDK why I wanted one...I've always like close up of eyes for some reason. yes...I'm strange...we've established that, thank you very much.
And that's is all, once again! Y'all have an incredible day tomorrow! :D Keep smiling and shining for Christ and remember that life is beautiful with Christ.

(Forgive my craziness tonight... :P )

Goodnight, my good folks! :D

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  1. How did you get that picture of your eyes?! I keep trying to get a picture like that of mine but I still can't get it.