Thursday, March 7, 2013

A.D.4. (I'll leave you to guess what that means...I know you're clever...) me explain. No, there is too much...let me sum up. *total Princess Bride moment*
But, was another day (of course) and not a bad one at that. Not exciting or bouncy or anything, but busy for me and I'm loving that. 
I've found several good reasons for keeping this blog. One, it work as a journal in a sense to document my life and my family's life for us to go back to and look at. Like...a scrapbook. Two, it lets me keep Eli updated on all of this stuff going on while he's on his trip. keeps me motivated  As crazy as that sounds...if I know I "have" to blog every night...I want to be using my time in a worthy manner...cuz it'd just be embarrassing otherwise! :P And the truth's hardly glorifying to God to just sit around all day. 
So! Good thing.
I'm a bit bummed right now because I thought I was going to know when I started my new job...and it turns out the boss has no idea. So..yeah...that's okay though! I'll stay busy around here and keep going and just be ready when the time comes up! :)

Hope y'all had a good day with lots of smiling and enjoying life with Christ! 

I'll let the pictures do the talking from here. :) 

Started the day by going to clean my neighbors house...very  nice weather...but a bit nippy.

Came home and made bread....

And found the pile of clothes that I bought yesterday  sitting on my low chair in my room and decided it was high time I cleaned out my closet.

I pulled all of my clothes out of my closet. Now what? (They were very comfortable.)

Lydia in her "hippy" shirt. :P 

After I finished with my closet, I went outside to work in the garden and  the kids were playing outside since they'd finished their school. 

Mom and Dad working very adorably together on some horse stuff. 

One of Dad's creations. A horse feeding station. Very well done, too. 

I used this bad boy today. 8-) Yeah...there were so many huge weeds and a massive patch of weeds that needed to be I hacked them. This thing is fun too You get it going and it starts working by itself, flying over your head one way, coming back down and swinging up the other way. Wears you out after a while, but that's good. :P 

And I opted for using this instead of the gas powered push mower. For one...I'm too scared to use that one. :P And two...there was too much stuff that the other one shouldn't have been used on.
I decided to clean up around the beds I'll be planting in soon instead of cleaning out the other beds that I won't even use until April. So...that's what I did.

The first four beds are the ones I'm going to plant in. This is before I hacked and mowed and all that. 

And this is after. I think I may get brave and see if I can use the weed eater tomorrow to get around the edges...I 've never used it before and it freaks me out...but I'm getting over my fear of spiders by running into them left and right so maybe using the weed eater will work that way too. :P 

Maggie... >. >
Nice cow. (Mom's cow.)

Sadie...she's so awesome. :P

And it felt so good to take a shower and get clean tonight!  It was in the 60's when I was working in the garden...but I still got all nasty and sweaty. :P (oh, btw...that's my... "go ahead and admit that you're jealous of my hat" look. :P )

Clean and done for the night. *Happeh*

Oh yes!!! this was so funny. :P A while back Abby was drawing pictures for everyone and she gave me mine and I was a bit...confused at first...but then she explained and it was hilarious. :P She said, "I know how into your villains in your books you are and how much you love them, so I drew this for you!" Aint that just cute? :P


And again! This is all for now.
Another day is over...I can't decide if it was long or fast... :P

Hope y'all have a great day tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ! :D


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day... I am quite jealous of your hat BTW...

  2. GORGEOUS hat.

    Weedeaters aren't all that scary. :) I've used them a lot. Annoying (even fun at first), but not scary.