Sunday, March 17, 2013

A.D. 14

Well, today was Sunday and I didn't get a ton of pictures. But, it was a pretty nice day. :) Went to church and enjoyed fellowship (I enjoyed playing with the little kids again.) and then we came home and...did stuff. :P

I'll let the pictures do the talking from here! :) Hope y'all had a wonderful Lord's day! :D (And happy Saint Patrick's day too! :P )

Keep smiling and shining for Christ. :)

Lunch at church. :)

Abby declared herself to be Darth Vader *facepalm* 

Mr. King. I remember him being a tiny little guy...he's really growing fast lately.

Joshy is so fun and cute. 

We past a train on the way home and it's always been a big deal to count how many cars are on the train. 

I think the counted 59....

The three oldest Pendleton girls...scary looking group, aint we? 8-) 

Dad and me.  :)

Playing volley ball together.

And Em and I went and got pizzas. Here' a shot of our big city. *cough* 

And they munch! 

Y'all have a wonderful day tomorrow!!! :D Be sure to smile and shine for Christ and always be thankful for how beautiful life is with Christ. :) 

Goodnight, everyone. :) 

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  1. I must say, I have become addicted to reading your A.D. posts. You are so amusing, amazing, and cheerful! I get a kick out of reading about your life. At times...I feel like a stalker, but we all know I'm really not. :P
    God bless you, Anna! :) <3