Monday, March 18, 2013

A.D. 15

Today was long and busy...but really nice. Got up and helped the kids get going with their chores and did my work and mostly just helped out with them the whole day. Cooked, cleaned etc.

And...if I haven't take enough pictures before...I think today will more than make up for it. :P

Here they all are! :D They shall walk us and talk us through!

Keep smiling and shining for Christ. I know I say it all the time...but life really is SO beautiful. Don't you think? Just...give it a few minutes is. God is SO good.

Once chores were done and the kids had done some school...I made all of us some hot chocolate and let them take a break while I read a few short stories to them. 

I used to spend hours reading of this book when I was little. 

And I tried to get a picture of all of us together...this is the best I got. :P I love my minions. ^_^ 

listening to the stories, working on crafts. :)

And Micah was drawing...something. :P

After that...Abby and Naomi had already finished their school and so I colored with them while Micah and Lydia got back to studying. 

I chose the book about the ocean/beach...I like the ocean. *nod* And I realized that I colored this picture with realistic colors! That's like...wrong! You're not supposed to do that! Somebody quick! Don't let me grow up! 

Naomi took forever to pick out a picture. :P 

After that! It was time for lunch so I made PB&J's and they went through the whole loaf of bread. 0.0 Here's Micah...I have no idea what this face means....

I call this happy cream! Not just because it has Peter Pan on the front...but because it's PEANUT BUTTER!!!! 

Abby wanted more, so I let her make herself another one and...ummm...she...likes jelly apparently... 

You'd think it was a jelly taco. :P 

At lunch time, the kids get a "recess" so, we headed outside to play some volley ball. 

Abby asked to take some pictures with Oscar instead of play so...she...ummm..caught some of my crazy moments. :P 

I think I was shouting something like... "Look! I have the ball!" :P 

Us against them. Serious business. 

Abby's selfy 

And she got this...I thought she did a good job. :)

Lotsa volley ball pictures... 

I can't help but laugh when I see this's Naomi chasing after the ball...IDK why...but it just looks so cute. :P the ball doesn't stay in the air for too long at a time...I got bored-ish and decided to see how good my kick is...ummm..well, let's just say...I hope nobody in the NFL doesn't see it because I'd totally be drafted. :P I could kick way farther than I realized. :P 

Then! They came back in and got back to school and I started dinner. made split pea soup. It's one of those meals that everybody turns their noses up to until they taste's so good. I'd never made it before and wasn't even sure how long to cook the peas or how much water to put in...but I winged it and didn't use a recipe (of course...them thins is boring. :P ) and it turned out pretty good! At least Dad liked it...unlike the last green dish I made. :P 

Ah yes...perfect for any split pea soup. JK JK JK. I just checked in on the boys...they're doing great. :D Micah is enjoying them and I'm really glad. :) 

Why can't I get away from onions? Like...everything I cook needs them. And they make me cry like there's no tomorrow. But they taste so good! :P 

Onions and butter...seriously...that makes anything taste good don't it? 

We didn't have any ham or bacon, so I took some of our farm raised ground beef and made some sausage. 

I actually kinda like these things lately...

I made some bread to go with the meal and what comes after bread? 

Lowe's! :D Okay...not really. :P But! Lydia, Dad and I made an unexpected trip to town real quick and went by Lowe's to get some stuff. 

Lydia and I hung out in the garden section...I love this girl. 

The flowers were SO pretty!!! They're all purple. :D I love flowers. 

I've totally gotta go back and get these sometime. I'm using Dad's gloves to work in the garden right now and they totally work...they're just big and not pink! :P 

And we came back...and I finished throwing dinner together then got it served. We all just use our own personal cups at dinner time and almost all of us have a collection. I have all the Avenger cups (FTW)...but I decided to go with mah favorite today. :D left so fast that I didn't get to shape and bake the I called Micah and walked him through how to do it....he did pretty well for a first time! 

Micah's cup... :D 

Micah with the bread he "made". 

Aint too appetizing ere it? It tastes way better than it looks though. :P  

And I shall end with this picture that I got today. As you can see, one of our bushes is completely full of flowers! Isn't it sooo beautiful? I bet there are lots of flowers in Heaven. Random thought. :P They're just so pretty. God is so good to put so much beauty in the world to remind us how good He is. 

Y'all have a wonderful day tomorrow thinking on the beautiful things in life! :D Keep on smiling and shining for Christ! It's so easy with the right perspective! 

Before I finish up here tonight...I thought I'd share one of my favorite songs. I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago and just love the lyrics. It's funny because it's not normally my style as far as vocals or music goes...but the song is so simple and beautiful and rich. I really love it and have been blessed by it. Hope maybe some of y'all can be too. :) 

And that's a wrap for now! 
Goodnight folks! :) 

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