Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And...another day 2

Yes, my friends...you read that right. This was...another day. Profound, am I not?
So...today was. Um. Okay. Yeah. It was long. Really, really long. Simply because I didn't have near enough to do. Well...actually, I didn't keep myself busy enough. I got up and went out to the garden pretty soon after breakfast because it was supposed to rain later on...then Dad and Mom went out with Naomi and I held down the fort while the kids did school. I discovered it is incredibly easy to upload a video to YouTube and pretty much sang all afternoon. I really should have done other stuff because that made me all emotional and made the afternoon just drag on so much. Sometimes singing helps...sometimes...it don't. :P It did some though. So it's all good!
I also called Verizon and got my phone fixed so that I can send and receive picture/video messages. Finally.
I came across only a few spiders in the garden today...which made me happy. No Black Widows.
One strange thing is that my room as been very clean the last two days. That's not normal and makes me uncomfortable. Okay...just kidding. I love keeping my room clean...it feels good to have it all purged etc. Just need to get my closet...maybe that's a project I can do tomorrow.
I may be headed to town with Em tomorrow. I need to buy some new jeans for when I start work at M.P. Surplus. One of Emily's biggest tips to me about starting work there was this: "Wear jeans, not a skirt. For one, it's hard to work there in a skirt. And two...guys stare way more when you're in a skirt." So yeah...I'm totally going for the jeans. :P Sure is nice to have a sister who works where you're getting ready to start. She's got all this stuff figured out already.
Not too many pictures. Like I said...I didn't do near enough today. I really...really...really need to find some projects to keep me busy and make the days pass. I'll be keeping Red with me for the next few months. And he'll be arriving in all his mischief in a couple of weeks. It's my plan to...remove a bit of that mischievous nature. *cough* we'll see how that goes. My biggest problem is that I have a terribly short attention span (much like a Child.) and so even if I have a big project I like to have a couple more to switch between. But maybe it's time to break myself of that. IDK. We shall see how this goes!
Yeah...so...I'm totally rambling now. I do that sometimes. Have you noticed?
Hope y'all are doing well and having a great Tuesday! :)
Keep smiling and shining for Christ. :)

I was eating breakfast while everyone did out loud reading this morning and  snapped a picture of Naomi sitting still. (that's a big deal, btw.)

Here's the garden bed I cleaned out today, before I cleaned it out. Wasn't near as bad as the one I did yesterday but still was a task.

And...it's all cleaned out. I just need to clean up around the beds. I think I'll do that after I finish cleaning all the beds out. 

A lettuce plant that bolted. I found the flowers to be rather pretty.

Sky wasn't near as blue today and it was much cooler. 

'Nother flower. 

And then Dad and Mom went out and I finished making the Tortillas. 

Oh yes...I've become addicted to this mango flavored tea. Micah found it rather amusing when I took the lid and straw to my  green plastic cup and placed it on top of the tea mix canister. :P

Burgers for dinner...but the best part is that we grew that beef. Not on a tree...like...you know..on a cow. 

Abby put her bangs up like this to keep them out of her eyes....and...well...she got attention for it so, of course...she had to one up herself...

And she did!!!! :P

 That's all for today. I'm crashing in Em's room right now still trying to keep myself busy. Who would have ever thought that would be so hard? I have stuff to do but it's like...I never feel really busy. Even when I'm doing a ton of stuff. IDK. I'm strange. :P

Y'all have a great day tomorrow and I expect I'll be doing another post then! :D


  1. Your garden work looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing what you grow!

  2. Wait.... beef comes from cows? Oh my gosh. I never knew. I am becoming vegetarian.
    ~Your city mouse cousin. :P

  3. Great hair, Abby! :-D
    Love, Katie