Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another day...3! (Is this getting redundant yet?) I actually...didn't do a lot of "work" but I was pretty busy most of the time. Which is strange. But cool!
Got up and made breakfast for the kids and did some housework (cleaning etc.) made some kefir and...then Em and I went out later on. And we had Bible Study tonight. So all of that pretty much took up the whole day. Didn't do any garden work. I'd say it was too cold but after watching/hearing some of the weather reports from up north I think I'll say I'm thankful for the weather here. :P And I would have worked in the garden in the cold, but I really didn't have time today (which was awesome, as strange as that sounds. :P ).
Enjoyed the fellowship at church tonight and getting to drive the car there and back (and yes...everyone lived for all of my dear friends who are thinking things right now. :P )
I'm going to clean my neighbors house in the morning...a little bit of extra cash there which is nice, considering I spent almost all of my money in town today... :-/ :P
Not a whole lot to say. I've been hit with how blessed I am the last few days. I mean...I've known that and have always been thankful. But this week it's been just about overwhelming when I'm laying in bed thinking about it and going about my day reminded of it. It's...yes...overwhelming is the best word for it, I think. The only one I can think to use.
Anyways! Before I go on and start preaching ( :P )...on to pictures! Not a whole lot...just got a few of the day. :)
Hope y'all are well and enjoying life in Christ! Keep smiling and shining for Him. :)

This...lovely substance is called...k-k-kefir. (Okay, so it's not so bad IN things...but by itself...welll..yeah...not so great IMHO. :P  But it's super healthy and sooo easy to make!)

I decided to take today's batch of kefir and make kefir  cheese. It's super easy and  reminds me of cream cheese a good bit. 

Em and I went to town later on and this is her being a goody-two-shoes by running down the street to pick up a trash can that had flown around. (Okay...really she was just being decent and human. :P )

Got this shirt today...I like it a lot because it has dog tags and a cross. I like both of those. 

Can you tell we're related? :P I've got me one cool sister. (And no, I'm not just saying that because she got me a job...and a cupcake.)

Got a ring at Lifeway today...I love it. It says "Love waits". I think that's first Cor.  13 saying "love is patient." Goes along that same line of thinking, I think. 

Then we came home and hung out with the kiddos. :D (Lydia is seriously epic, btw.)

And Bible Study tonight. I love holding up my phone and telling people to smile...they actually obey me! 

Scccarrry. (JK..these two are awesome.)

Happy, lonely steps. :P

Okay...wanna have some fun? Randomly Doodle on your cup at church and get all kinds of looks and questions. It's hilarious  Cuz you just act totally ignorant and have fun with it. 

And to wrap it all up...Hannah and me. She is so funny and cute and... talkative. :D Puts a smile on your face. 

That's all for now, folks! I think I'll make me some of that mango tea and go see if I can get some of the Hobbit knocked out. I started it a couple weeks ago and have only read like...fifty pages. :P That or I may journal or...try to compose a song or...hmmm...I could do a lot! :P

See y'all! Have a great day tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ...always a chance and always a reason. Thinking about epic, happy things makes that so much easier, I've found. Life is beautiful and God is good and makes the most beautiful things unbreakable and real. Because He's God...and He's good.
*stops before I go on preaching again* :P

Goodnight, everyone! :)

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  1. It just makes me happy every time I see a post from you, Anna. <3 Thanks for letting me tag along through your day - and btw, I seriously love that ring.