Friday, March 15, 2013

A.D. 12

Well, today was a bit crazy. Just did stuff around the property and house. I got the garden planted (woot woot) and started to clean out another bed, but my asthma made itself known just a bit too much, so I came in and worked in the house instead at about 2 or so.

Not a ton happened! Just worked and stuff...I was happy to finally get the plants started and growing. Only did onions, swiss chard and broccoli so far. I want/need to get the tomato patch going soon and hope to try out some other stuff. Not sure what yet.

Anyways! Hope y'all had a great day of smiling and shining for Christ and enjoying this beautiful gift of life we have with Him. :)

You have to dig a whole to put the plant in. Whoda thought, right?

The swiss chard baby plants. I chose the bright lights variety tastes better? Cooks up better? Is healthier?
No...because it's pretty. :P

Micah came out he put it...I think he said something like to "annoy the pants off of me." He did a prime job too. :P Here he is eating a sweet potato? did this little dance on the side of one of the beds while I'm trying to plant... 
I really don't remember why he started doing it...

But he got crazy...

Then he finally got done. :P Am I the only one with a 16 year old brother like this? 

He's cool. So I stole his hat a got a picture with him.

I watered zee plants. I've heard this is almost as important as digging the whole. 

Here's the onion bed. And yes...there are onions in there. 

The Swiss chard. Don't will look prettier when it grows up. 

And the broccoli looks so sad in this picture. It perked up a great deal after I watered it though.  

And to wrap the garden section...brotha dear and one of his cheesy looks. I really don't know what he was doing out there. :P 

Am I crazy for thinking this is pretty? IDK...I've always loved overgrown areas. Maybe it's because I loved the idea of having my own secret garden when I was a kid. This is back by our workshop...we've had some run ins with rattle snakes and the biggest one I ever saw was back here. Jake shot it's head of with his 12 that was years ago.

So...we have a 15 passenger van that's used to haul kids around. And...I bet we're the only ones with one that's decked out to also be a horse tack container. 

Dad putting bedding down in the horse trailer. Yeah...horses are a big deal around our place for a few people if you haven't figured that out yet. :P

Got some shots of the flowers that are blooming right now. I think they are so pretty. 

When we were little...Jake, Em and I would play IN these bushes. We'd make house and everything. It was so much fun. :P

I liked how the flowers laid on the stump. Thought it was pretty. :) 

Here's one of Mom's ideas for the table setting. She's going to do something lighter though. :)

 Y'all have a great day tomorrow! :D Be sure to smile and shine for's really such a beautiful life when you look at things right...isn't it? :)

Goodnight, everyone! :)

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