Saturday, March 9, 2013

A.D. 6 this day may have been longer than any this week and that's strange because I was busy all day long.
But it was a nice day! Em was off  work which was SO nice. She and I haven't had a day where we can just hang out and spend time together in a long time. So...the day started out with us getting up and all of us except Mom and Naomi going to the flea market down here... (a cultural experience all of its own, but more on that later.). They went to Florida for drill practice and then Dad and Micah took Lydia and Abby to drill practice while Em and I took the other car and went to town! (Does that all make sense? :P )
Now...about this flea market. Have you ever seen Black Hawk Down? (Incredibly awesome movie btw...just needs some filtering.) You know the markets shown in that? All the people running around with tables of stuff covered in tents? Yeah...if you've seen that, you've almost seen our flea market. :P Not quite...there aren't AS many guns (certainly not the same kind). The accents are only slightly more understandable and we have a nice indoor section of the flea market too. So! You may be getting the idea of what kind of a place this is. But's a lot of fun and kinda a big deal around here. There's some really neat stuff out there sometimes.
So! Yes...we did the flea market and Em and I were in town just about all day long which was SO awesome. I haven't done that in forever. I love town. And I love interacting and...all that yes. Anyways. Moving on!
When we got home today, Dad and Micah were watching the second Matrix movie (they had come back up after dropping the girls off...yeah...the Pendleton family burned a lot of gas in our cars today. :P ) and I went back to my room to organize some papers and such that I've collected over the last couple of years in a folder thingy I bought today...and I knew some of them were in my I went through my whole desk. I hadn't done that in years (terrible, I know. Organization has never been my most attractive talent...but I'm working on it! :P ) and, oh wow...the things I found in it. I actually broke started crying like...a lot! :P (Man, I'm becoming such a cry baby lately...what is up with that?) Good things and bad things. Things I didn't want to ever remember and things I am SO glad I found because I would have forgotten the incredible memories behind them if I hadn't. It was really like...a walk through my life from...twelve years ago and forward. Scary...bumpy...happy...grace filled...and awesome in the end. Sometimes I look back on some of the things, I can't believe God pulled me through them...and how incredibly...thin I was. In the sense that...I was messing everything up! And...seeing how God has organized my unbelievable seriously blows my mind. God is so good and loving and merciful. It really Yeah...anyways. Going through my desk...makes me so thankful for where I am now and what God has used to bring me here.

Gah! And I've gone on again! Do forgive me and in no way feel obligated to read all of my seems that when I start writing, I just don't want to matter what I'm writing (unless I'm ten years old writing sentences as a punishment (tell me I'm not the only one who did that.). Then I wanted to stop. :P )

So! Here's a few pictures of the day! Hope y'all had a good day and that you have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow, smiling, spreading God's Light and shining for Christ! :D (I sure hope some of that made sense...I've had way too much caffeine today. :P )

Okay...seriously...what better way to start a blog post than with this epic picture? I mean...really...have you ever seen any cooler shoes? (Sorry...I kinda like my sneakers. :P )

Headed up to the black mar...I mean...the flea market! :D

Abby was my buddy today oh man do I love this little girl. 

There's a TON of walking to be done if you go over the whole place...Dad enjoys the outside more...I like the inside part best, mahself. 

Okay! So...yeah...I love little baby accessories. :P I'll look through the baby section just because I think the stuff is so cute (I feel like I'm telling a dirty secret here or something... 0.o ). In't this boot adorable?  

Abs again! :D (Or as I call her in a southern belle accent... Abby Lynn!) 

...right, Eli? :P I wanted to get this and put it on the Yukon while you're'd be  proud of me...I resisted. (for now. >:-D)

Our two epic dudes. 8-)

Oh! And this one is for you and me, Hannah M. It has our name on it! :D 

"We are never ever ever! Getting back together..." ('d have to had the dream I did to understand. Don't ask.)

Lydia found bling!!! (She be happy, iffins ya can't tell...) She so cool. ^_^

And! Em and I are off to town! :D 

Then....we met Dad and Micah for lunch at 5 Guys. 

I bet if Dad could buy every 5 Guys in the world he would. :P  My Dad is so incredible. No...I'm not just saying that. 

Aha! Yes...the worst experience of my LIFE! (Not really...but I do. not. like. the. car. wash.) 

Here's why...

Actually...HERE'S why. I was seriously having a hard time not opening the door to jump out. :P Gah...that felt way too closed in. But Em and I cleaned and vacuumed the Honda out and it looks awesome! :D (Also saw a friend of ours who I haven't seen in years...she (and her kids) were our duplex neighbors in Germany.) 

Oh! These are at Kohl's and I wanted them so bad. Wouldn't they be perfect with my converse? :P 

And look at this! Profiling! Gah! What is this nation coming too? Children are people too. I need to send that petition out for Childrens' rights again. *nod*

And there you go! Another Day 6. :P
I hope y'all have a wonderful evening! Be sure to smile lots and think on epic things (there's lots of them, isn't there?)! :D

Goodnight, folks! 

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  1. Ahhh! We ARE angels, are we not? We should get matching plates when you get a car. =P