Friday, March 8, 2013

A.D. 5.

Y'know...I think it's when I sit down to blog every night that I think "Wow...another day is over already." Then I look back and the week feels so incredibly feels so much more like a month than a week...but it still has a way of zooming by at the same time.
I really don't have too much to blog today. It was deep cleaning day and I think that's why today was especially long because I was inside doing housework again all day (not a bad thing! Just a long thing. :P ). On the days when I can get out and work in the garden, time goes by much faster and I enjoy it more because I actually feel like I'm working hard and that really does feel good.
I should be getting my plants soon. I can't remember all that's on my list to plant this month...I think it's carrots, swiss chard (which when made right is so tasty), onions, sweet corn and...oh, I know there's a couple more but I don't have my list with me right now. I'll be planting more in April, too. I finally counted and we have ten, large, raised block beds. The garden is still a bit of a mess, but it's shaping up pretty well. I didn't use the weed eater today...didn't really have time and, honestly, I was feeling a bit chicken over it. :P I may do that tomorrow or Monday.
Oh! I think I'll be starting my new job at around mid April. It feels terribly far away since I'd thought I was going be able to start work within a couple weeks, but that's okay! I know God has a reason for the extra time in between and I just hope and pray I use it well.
I did get to be outside a bit and did a small amount of working in the garden. Mostly throwing some solid cinder blocks around (and when you're not used to a lot of heavy work...they're quite heavy to toss around after a while. :P ) But, I was outside, looking around and breathing in the incredible fresh air while the birds were singing and the sky was so blue and it makes me remember how beautiful life is. What an incredible gift we have by being on this earth for the time we are. And it's not always easy...but it's so worth it when you find beautiful, worthwhile things and people to be with. I think I take it for granted way too much. Just how beautiful life is and how happy I am to be alive. It's really quite something that God chooses us to be His Representatives here on earth. And...that's such a heavy, but wonderful task. I know I fall short so many times at doing the right thing and my first reaction is to get really angry at myself and feel worthless and want to just leave everyone I know so that I won't be "bothering" them any more. But...looking around at the beautiful weather, I think about God's glory and the fact that it's through our falling to rise again the God is most glorified. So, when He uses us like's time to smile, get up and go on to do the right thing.
So...oooooh...I think I just went on another preaching rant, didn't I? Gah...I try so hard not to do that...sorry. :P Just something I came to realize (perhaps a bit of the hard way) today. :)
Anyways! I've rambled on quite long enough! I really do hope that y'all had a wonderful day and are enjoying the evening in this beautiful life with Christ. :)

Here's just a few pictures! Since I was cleaning all day, I didn't really start getting pictures till near 3:00... I was working in one of the beds, I saw two lizards run by. I haven't played with these things since I was  a kid, but apparently I can still catch them just as well as I could back. Haha...makes me smile thinking of some of the memories I have with lizards and trying to sneak them past past Mom....

I didn't name him...and I let him go before the girls found him. Too many a  lizard have been my victim by accident. :P Mom was also super about letting me keep critters when I was little...except for when they didn't last long. She didn't like that. :P 

And there he and happy.

Ran into this guy (or I guess it's a girl since she has egg sacks) Hanging on the side of the didn't freak!!! Um...okay...maybe a little bit. :P 

If you look closely, you can see the spider (just follow the legs. :P ). I found her  interesting because of the egg sack. You can see each of the individual eggs all wrapped together in a clear sack. 

Naomi and Bear. 

Abby and Lydia have been enjoying the weather lately and putting the badminton rackets to good use. 

Oh! Today was our sister-in-law, Virginia's, birthday. So we all gathered around the phone and sang to her. :)

My smallest and youngest minion, Naomi, and myself. Love this feisty kid. :D

Ah, yes...Dad made another "pasture" by fencing off a bunch of the woods with  electric rope.  So...we had to move the  swing set. As you can was quite the operation. :P I gave Oscar to Naomi to get a picture and she had a hard time getting the whole thing, but she managed just fine! :)

And the beautiful sun...the weather has been so beautiful lately it seems a shame to send any time inside. 

That's all for now, y'all! :)
No idea what might happen tomorrow...we may go out...I know Mom and the girls are going to Florida...some of them are going to the flea market...IDK! We shall see what ends up happening with my day! I usually don't know till the day comes lol.
Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! Be sure to enjoy the gift of life and smile and shine for Christ! :D

Goodnight! :)


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  2. I am enjoying your posts, Anna. And, I LOVE your critter shots. It takes really slowing down to notice all those little creatures around us sometimes. Benjamin came in excitedly sharing today that it was now spring. He said he saw a bee! Your photos are great and your sweet spirit in your post is a joy to read. Looking forward to more. :)

  3. good post, Anna. Love that photo of you and Naomi!
    Love, Katie