Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A.D. 9

Well, lemme think. Nah...that's not fun. :P

So! Let me talk. Yeah...I'm way better at that. *nod*

Today was...yes! Another day. It was a rather nice day. Interestingly so because...I had a ton on my mind and didn't do anything really exciting. But I've been putting my energy towards prayer, focusing on God and serving my family and anyone else I can and focusing on my blessings and the beautiful things God has blessed me with in this life and it's really helped me keep perspective and the right thoughts. Which, in turn, results in peace. Mostly. :P Not saying everything is just always great or glorious or that I've gotten over my habit of worrying and all that...but it sure does help to think right. And I'm thankful that that is the case. God is very good. :) And life is really sooooo beautiful and...bright. And right and...incredible and...God is so good. so, so good. yes...He is. SO good.

Anyhoo! Today...yes...today...I didn't work in the garden at all, however! Mom and Dad went out and got the plants and I should be able to plant the garden on Thursday, Lord willing and weather allowing (which would be Lord willing. :P ). I'd plant it tomorrow, but we have Bible Study at our house and I won't have time because I'll be getting ready for folks...so! Yes.
I mostly just cleaned today. Helped Mom with some odd jobs and cooked.

And that's about it, really! I hope y'all had a blessed day and that tomorrow is even better as you smile and shine for Christ! :D

The three youngest doing school. (You can see Naomi has the comfortable seat now. :P )

Oh...this is so cool and I wanna get one for my room! Mom has it in the kitchen...it's a light that you put  scented wax on top of and it melts the wax and it smells SO good. And...there's no fire so Mom would let me have it on in my room. :P Plus...it's one of the few smell good things I could have in my room that wouldn't bother my asthma. 

Abby and I put some socks on our head and got a picture, you see. :P She was doing laundry and I thought it was adorable. :P

Naomi wanted a sock head picture too. :P

I really do love this dog. :P

Micah's shirt is awesome! It says "I used to do homework...now I have an app for that." Isn't that great? :P 

*says like Mater from Cars* "My best friend." :P 

*facepalm* Too cute. :P

It looks nasty, I know. But it was actually pretty good. I made a creamy chicken and rice casserole for dinner. 

I put flavored bread crumbs and cornbread crumbs with butter on top. 

And I made a peanut butter cake with custard filling and chocolate icing! :D 

And the three youngest minions playing a game of card and (hopefully) enjoying the cake!
That's all for now! Y'all have a GREAT day tomorrow smiling and shining for Christ and thinking on all the beautiful, epic things in life that HE has given us!

Goodnight, folks! :D


  1. Looks like you had a productive day! ^_^
    Love ya!

  2. You made cake and you didn't invite me??