Sunday, March 10, 2013

A.D. 7

So! Ummm...I'm such a terrible person. Really. I am. No...don't argue. I am. Why? I hardly took any pictures today!!! Gah! Now, I'm sure you're agreeing with my wretchedness. :P

Okay, but I'm also sure you can forgive me. :P

So! Today was church and that's about it! :P I enjoyed hanging out with the kids. That's about all I did except for hang out with Mom and a few of the ladies for a few minutes and that was very nice. :) I played with the very little kids (1-7 years old.) Man...we have a church full of them and they are the most precious kids in the world. Seriously. Today I discovered that the iPhone and youtube to play Old McDonald is a wonderful way to entertain the group of kids that cluster around you when you sit down and they want to be amused. :P I did that a bit...then we played games and...yeah...I love these kids (my sibs included of course. :P). There's something about being with a bunch of little kids that just can't help but make you happy. They're so innocent and...beautiful really. They're full of life and don't care what people think. They don't even think to care! They have fun...they love life and are just so, so full of light.
Anyways! Yes...I love kids. :P I wanted to kidnap a couple of the B. kids today... :P They're so cute and fun. I would have given them back... :P, today I went to church, came home, talked to Eli on the phone for a bit (epicness), made bread for Dad's student who has a birthday refocused, motivated and encouraged through a bunch of hard thinking...and now...I'm gonna clean the kitchen and go finish Iron Man 2 while I TRY to get my room put back together! :D Oh, yeah! I talked to mah cuzter too. 8-) *waves to Sarah*

Tomorrow I plan on doing a bunch of garden work and...IDK what else!

Hope y'all had a great day and have a wonderful day tomorrow smiling and shining for Christ!!! :D
Here are the sadly few pictures I got today. :P

Abby! :D What else needs to be said? The awesomeness is in the name! 

He. Is. So. Cute. His Daddy asked me to watch him sacrificed and just HAD to. :P (Okay, you know I was thrilled to death. :P )

Maddy...this girl has got 'TUDE, y'all! (She sure is fun though. :P ) 

Gah! He's so distracting during service! :P

Some of the little girls playing tag or something. 

Miss Lucie...this girl is so much fun can't help but be happy when I get to play with her. She's feisty and fun and a perfect example of kid! :P :D

Dad and some others eating lunch together. 

Lotsa big vans...and that's not even all of them! :P

And...Lucie and me to wrap it all up. She likes using me as a horse and I don't mind it myself. :P

I'll try to get more pictures tomorrow! IDK what of...since I'll just be doing garden work, but maybe I can find some interesting things! :)

Have a great day tomorrow and think on epicness! :D

Goodnight, folks! 

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  1. It is nice to hear about your day. I missed seeing you at church! :(

    So sweet that you had lots of fun with the little ones. I think Lucie is very fond of you!