Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Look, folks! It's Wednesday! Did ya know that? I bet you did. That means...well, it means a lot of things...but it's the middle of the week...which means...there's only one half of the week left. (Don't I get so deep and profound?) was...guess what? Long again! Ah! And it's only 6:00. 0.0 And it was hot too. As much as I dislike the thickness of the air when it rains...I'm thankful for its cooling powers. lol. No rain today...and boy, oh boy is it hot! 
Not a whole lot happened today (but not a whole lot has's epic anyways). I did some housework (Oh yeah...I do that every day. :D ), studied some...almost got done reading through my book so that I can start editing (*shudders*), I looked over the other book that I started (someone tell me that I don't have time to write a book right now and to just forget this idea...seriously...), I...I did a lot of thinking! Good thinking. Epic thinking. Some deep thinking. Some thinking that lead me to tell myself to stop thinking (you know...the kind that gives you a headache? Yeah...that kind. :P ). Then...after and among all my thinking (btw I was thinkin while I was doing other stuff, but I can't remember what. lol.) Em and I rand to Ft. Rucker to get the family's grocery shopping done at the Commissary. I pushed the buggy...and I think I have decided to nominate that for an Olympic sport. I mean...really! This thing got so heavy full of frozen meat, bottles of stuff, cans etc. And is typical for us...I turned around and went down to many isles so many times, did so many U-turns, some complete circles...yeah...anyways. We managed to do it all with ONE buggy...even if the thing was overflowing (literally). :P 
Anyhooooo...I think I need to rename my blog to "Shine~The Ramblings of a Major Rambler Who Loves to Ramble and Rambles Often." What do you think? I think it fits. :/ :P I went out to the back porch that's gotten over grown with grape vines and some kind of flower vine...and saw these beeeautiful, tiny red flowers and had to get some pix. :D 
I love them...their so pretty, even if very small. Their brrright red and in the shape of a star! Talk about an epic flower, right? 
So, here's a few (too many :P ) pictures of these epic, make you smile, flowers. :D it just me or does this flower look like it has glitter on it? (Kristin...are you sneaking around my house? :P )

I think I've found my fav shade of red. 8-)

More glitter! ('s pollen. But it loooks like glitter! Which makes it...shiny! :D )

Come on...that's just too pretty.

Em and I pulled into the parking lot and saw this... :D Reminded us of "big brother" Josh V. 8-)
Not sure if you can read it...but it says "Kill it, Gut it, Grill it, Eat it, Repeat it." Yeah...they're with know what that really stands for right? People for eating tasty animals.

Okay...we ran into another store there in the little town right outside of post...and I wanted a Gatorade (good stuff, Gatorade is.) and I saw THIS flavor so thought "why not?" Then...I tasted it and I knew "why not". Just a warning...unless you looooooove cucumber juice...don't try this flavor. Yick.

P.S. SMILE!!!!! :D


  1. Happy Wednesday to you as well!

    I like the new blog title idea. Very epic. As for a new would I know? I'm already working on new stuff when I /should/ be editing Compensate. :P I hate editing. :P

    1. Thankee kindly. :D

      Yes...but rather long... 0.0 Haha...yeah...I hate editing too. Maybe when I have bucket loads of money I will hire one. :P I realllly need to outline this new book.'m not supposed to be thinking about this new book. :/
      Btw...Compensate doesn't need a ton of editing (that I can see...but I'm just a reader.). Whereas Codes...wowie...that's gonna be a job. :P

  2. Editor? I know an editor! I know an editor! He's me and...he hates editing...O_o

    Well don't let the pressure get to you. ;) You can do it!

    1. Haha...I had the same thought when you said that you hate editing. :P

      Of course not. ;) Thanks. :D

  3. Josiah wants to try that Gatorade, just because he loves the stuff and has never seen that flavor before. Personally I think it's all nasty. Hyper kool-aide if you ask me! lol To each his own. I'd rather have a diet coke personally and I KNOW how AWFUL that is! :)

    1. Haha...that doesn't surprise me. :P Josiah is the guy who posted a video of himself drinking 2 liters of Coke long? Was it under a minute? Or was it five minutes? I can't remember lol. You can tell him that I think it's nasty and if he tries it, I want to hear what he thinks of it. :P
      Oh, I love Coke. :D But I try not to drink toooo much. I honestly don't drink much stuff other than milk these days lol.

  4. *sees the new caption under the title*


    *hits "like" button and goes to bed*

    1. *grins* thankee. *bows* Thankee kindly.