Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vacation, 2012~Day 6...Da Capitol etc.

 Well, look! It's Wednesday...completed. Is flying...and yet going so. so. slow at the same time. How does that work? :P
Anyhoo...we had a nice day. Went to the capitol, Lansing, and went to the capitol building. Very neat. I have decided that I will build my house just like it. Yes...just like it. Only there will be gummi dispensers everywhere and I think I would like to have a few bedrooms in it. Oh...and there will be a gumball machine in all the corners and I think it could have used a bit more bling. But other than's perfect. 8-) 
After visiting the capitol, we went to Horrocks...which is a really fancy fresh market kind of place. They had all kinds of things...i loooved it and really, really...really wish Dothan would get one. But there are only two of them and they are both in Michigan. *sigh* They had a coffee bar with FREE stuff! I mean...come on...when things are free they automatically taste better, right? Well...this was good coffee. And for me to say that is something...because I am very picky when it comes to coffee. They also had THE most beautiful flowers....and it was hard to walk out of the store without some of them. :P
After Horrocks, we went to the Goodwill Emporium. It was big. And had a ton of clothes. But it cost more than our Goodwill. Which really means nothing...because the prices were still great and I found two skirts. 
Oh...and I realized that my TAN album came out yesterday...and I have to wait a whole week and a half to go get it!!!! 0.0 This is just difficult, people. :P I pre-ordered it...not realizing I would be gone when it came out. Oh, can wait...I suppose.
That's about all that happened today. Hope y'all had a great day!  Keep smiling and shining for Christ, no matter where you are!

The cars from "my bedroom" view.

Lansing is really the biggest city I've been to and actually walked around, I think. Sad, isn't it? :P

Here's the entrance to the Capitol building. I had PJ's settings messed up so the first bunch of pictures didn't turn out right. :/

The elevators are TINY. That's another thing I will change when I build my house...our elevators will be bigger. And they will have  gummies in them too.

On the second floor. IDK...does this seem too plain to be my house?

A glass floor. That will NOT be in my house. Noooo way.

Yeah...I walked on it. And of course it was safe. Did that mean I liked it? Nope.

Ooooh....ahhhhhhh. Looking straight up.

Now on the third floor. We were getting higher. And I did not like it. But, of course, I had to lean over the rail and get a picture!

"Does this elevator make me look fat?"

Yeah...I stopped in to see the Gov...then I realized that my schedule was full and I'd have to cancel and try to fit him in somewhere else. Poor guy.

Don't remember what this room was.

These guys like color. I mean...look at this carpet. This may stay in my house. It will amuse kids...good thing to have.

This will also be in my house. Coffee. But only with hazelnut creamer.

Getting even higher........ ..... ....

Yes...they had SOME bling..but nothing like enough.

There were some cool tiles in the ceiling of one of the's George Washington. (If you couldn't tell.)

Oh...and in my house...we won't have eagles. There will be ostriches instead.

I had this strange desire to stand out on this ledge. Thankfully, there was glass between it and me.

"May I have the floor?!"

"We recognize the crazy one in the hat. What have you to say?"

"My friends...there are those among us who are misunderstood. Mistreated. Misguided. Mislead. There are those among us who may fight for their rights, shout at the top of their lungs and yet! They are never heard. These individuals live every day, fighting to do their keep us employed. To bring smiles to our faces. To make our cookies. To say things that may make no sense to anyone...unless they cared enough to know. They give all they have in them to do what some people would find to be minuscule tasks, pointless and wearying. They do things every single hour of every single day that would test even the strongest will and most courageous heart. And yes...we never hear from them! Why is this, you ask? Because we stifle them! We tell them to behave, when their passions and creativeness should be released so that the world can benefit fully from their epicness! These people need a voice. The need to be heard!!! And so my friends..."

"...I move that the CHILDREN be given the vote!"
Looking out a window... (no...I'm not on the ledge.)

Is it just me, or does this look very much like something from the Hunger Games?

A beautiful stone of the prettiest buildings in the whole city.

Yeah, I'm lagging again.

I am told that this park is where more murders happen than any other place in the whole area. And from what I know...that's saying something.

And we got to Horrocks!

I thought that the stones that we put on the front of the house were big. Imagine slapping this with mortar and putting it on a wall! Hmmm...guess it's not impossible.

The roses were so pretty.



They had a rather awesome selection of chocolate stuff...

Okay...THIS was COOL. I have no idea what flower this was..and now I wish I had stopped to check. It felt like velvet though...soooooo neat. tehre was this huge wall of candy with a sign that said "$2.79 a lb." I have no idea how many pounds of candy we left with...

All that candy...scary.


As soon as we get home, I am gong to McDonald's for sweet tea. I don't know what they call this stuff up here.

Oh...and of course they had to have gummi sharks at the register. >.< And they are the real deal. Not those greasy, nasty things from the gas station.

Back home...Blaine stuffs food in his mouth.

And looks ridiculously cute.

So...I went outside again tonight...and the moon was shining through a tree...and I couldn't get PJ to I decided to get a picture of what the moon would look like if it was put through a vita mix and had some of the light dulled.... ... why did I do that? I don't know.


  1. In response to the motion presented by the crazy one in the hat representing the fine state of Michigan: This suggested act of law is a matter of concern not only to aforementioned district and entity of Michigan, but to every state in this Union, and also to the world itself. Such a conversion of law would liberate a force so powerful on the face of the globe as to take control of every form of government, regulation and church office of these unions of peoples and nations and bring about the ultimate stinkerism of the earth in a crashing cascade of laughs and smiles. To this appeal I represent the state of Alabama, and also my office concerning this issue as a member of my own denomination of fellowship respecting the church, and make a vote to the contrary of any such extreme pass of liberty to this misbehaved class of civilians, standing in the way of such rash legislation. Puppy eyes are dangerous enough without giving further power to this valued class of society, while further efforts to restrain and train such individuals, as fruitless as they often seem, are the only way to improve their outlook of life on this earth. Anything else would be dangerous to the extreme of global war, not to mention inflating the price of your aforementioned commodities of cookies to extreme levels and causing wide-spread starvation.

    In other

  2. Hold, please. The Children are trying to decide which the best course of action would be now. No more cookie making or war.

    Of course, I would be willing to try and reason with them...for a price. They listen to me for some reason.

  3. Mr. Speaker, I move the previous question. All those in favor signify by saying "aye". Opposed the Same.

  4. Mr. Speaker, I move the previous question. All those in favor signify by saying "aye". Opposed the Same.

  5.'d better reason with them. Their lot in life is a very good one, so think myself and my colleagues. Cookies are a necessity, and war would get your party hurt. We don't want that.

    1. I will try. And it is true that their lot in life is a good one. Epic even. But you know Children...greedy little things. Always needing/wanting more. More of what?! the question.

      I feel like a double agent...

  6. Regarding the comment of our new member of discussion: the same.