Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation~2012: Day 4...Flashbacks

Monday. Done. Almost. :P  I didn't get up with the sun today...but I just about when to sleep when it was coming up. :P Thankfully, the mattress I'm on tonight doesn't ahve a hole, so all the air shouldn't leak out.
We had a nice day at a neat German kind of town with some cool shops and such. They had live music with German singers singing the traditional music...and boy did that make me want to jump up there and start singing some Relient K or something. Seriously...I don't think that the Germans are very passionate about music. :P I far as German music goes, there was a lot of talent...but it just lacked passion. And that drives me crrrrazy when it comes to music. :P I'm trying to think what all went on...guess I'll let the pictures do the talking again. I didn't buy much at all. Got a book and some epic red stones and that's about it. Went into a couple stores that I had to keep myself from getting mad in (not saying I didn't get mad. :P ). I am less and less tolerant of worldly trash these days...especially when my little siblings can see things. Thankfully, they didn't see...I managed to do some rearranging so that not many people will be seeing a certain T-shirt for quite a while. *grins* But, really...on the whole, the village was really neat. Far better than Helen Ga...not near as touristy. We had a nice day and it was nice to just walk around. Though...a couple times I lagged behind a tad too much, weather I was getting pictures or just not paying attention, because I got lost by myself like...twice. :P Ended up walking around buildings and down the sidewalks, searching for everyone...I found them though. :D
Anyhoo...hope y'all had an epic day! :D Keep smiling and shining for Christ, no matter where you are!

We had to stop for gas, of course.

Blainers playing with PJ's case...again.

We made sandwiches for lunch before heading to the village. We sat, overlooking this beautiful river.

Come on...that's just cute.

The kids started throwing some cheetos, trying to get these three ducks to come up.

It worked.

The streets are so pretty and very much like Germany. It was so much like when I was little.
We went into a neat museum that told the story of Frankenmuth.

This Bible was printed in the late 1700's I believe.

Naomi "carrying water".

Abs doing the same.

Ewwwwww...right? :P So maybe it's kinda sweet. But that's my BROTHER! 0.0

Guys...guys...guys...*sigh* these are giant peanut butter cups. NO...I did not buy one. :P

Taffy pull.

Everyone in front of the cheese haus.

Me loverly mum and meself. we all found this hilarious. Ya like, Em? :P

Since Joel got elected Precinct Delegate, I asked him to give me his "politician face". ...yeah...

So here we sit...looking at the traffic light.

Epic architecture.

This kids smile totally lights up the world.

See? I'm lagging.

Naomi-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them! But she's smiling in her distress.

Virginia-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them...and she is NOT smiling in her distress.

Fingers are yummy.

Ooooookay...this place is ammmazing. It's a coffee shop. And I don't mean some Americanized Starbucks. I mean a REAL coffee shop. It was SO good. Dad treated us adults ( this case, I agreed to be an adult)...meaning 18 and older to a special coffee. I got some fancy was so amazing. You could taste the COFFEE...not just the cream and overly sweet, sugary, flavored creamer.

This is art. I guess. Joel called it the "Clown on the train tracks." Rather morbid, but hilarious, all the same.

Em, I was so tempted to buy this shirt for you. Since this is your favorite song and all. *cough* Yeah...okay, not really.

This sign is so me.

They had some awesome signs. I thought this one was totally epic.

Take THAT social networking!

They had these hanging baskets everywhere and I have decided that when I have my own home...I will hang them all around it. :D

A beer factory museum. Yeah. Interesting. So German. 


They had the sweetest horses pulling the carriages. The guy was really nice and friendly and let the girls pet the horse and ask all kinds of questions.

Meanwhile, the boring adult stood on the sidelines. Adults are so boring. I will always be a Child. Always. (okay...Joel isn't really boring.)

Just looking at this picture makes me thirsty. Seriously.

I love water.

NOW you are talking my language. I was thrilled to find this store in the back of the place. And I found a book I've wanted for a while. Got a hard cover copy of Frank Peretti's "The Oath" for 8 bucks! Yyyyess!

Then we came home and the married couples went to dinner, leaving me in the hands of the minions. They watched Cinderella for the firs time.

Been forever since I'd seen it.
That's about it! I think we are going to Lake Michigan tomorrow. That'll be neat. :) Have a great day tomorrow folks! Be sure to spread some smiles and shine some light. :D


  1. I love the Corvette poster. The Sting Ray is so cool. I have a thing for Corvettes, of course, but that's a really cool posted anyway.

    The water pics are great too! Haha. I see Abby's still wearing the hat.

  2. WHY did you not get a giant peanut butter cup?

    Hehe...I was just singing along to "I So Hate Consequences" today, to the whole album, actually. So I liked that caption for your photo.

    That coffee shop looks fun. Not as homey as this epic little coffee shop I frequent in a town bearing your surname, but, whatev'.

  3. Peanut butter cups are AWSOME! Thumbs on the politician face.