Monday, August 13, 2012

Just was a day...yes...because...well, it wasn't a it was a day...

 Hello folkses! Hope y'all are well! Lovely evening here in good ol' Bamy! The stars are quite lovely and shiny and bright and beautiful and just plain epic tonight! :D How do I know, you wonder? I looked...duhoi! :P
Anydoodoolydoohoo (I totally just made up a word!), today was, as my clever title said, another day! Not a whole lot happened. We started gearing up for vacation a little bit. I watched mah little buddy, Jakie-Bug again and we all did our own shtuff.
Em is Facebooking next to me and her computer keeps going "bweep!" as she chats...that wouldn't be so bad...but she's playing some Phantom of the Opera music (*melts*) and it kinda takes away from the mood of the music. :P
Oh, and I realized today how well spread my camera's name is. As permanent it is. :P For one, I couldn't find my camera today and I started walking around the house saying..."Has anyone seen PJ?! Did someone kidnap him?!" Then...(and this is the good one) I took PJ with me to my neighbors house when I went to take care of her cats and when I came back Dad walked by me on his way to the pasture and said, "What did you take PJ for?". I had to laugh because...I didn't really think Dad would say something like that and call my camera by its name! :P Anyhooo...just found that amusing.
We are leaving this Friday for vacation...gonna be gone for two. whole. weeks. Why does that sound SO long this time? :P I plan on keeping the blogging up while we are gone. (though, I'm not sure that I'll have internet the second week.)
Ha...I was just looking at pictures from my trip to Kansas and for just about the first time almost started crying! 0.0 That's...just strange. :P I wanna go back to Kansas. Not that life here isn't amazing. But...IDK...I just miss some parts of it a lot right now, I guess. :P
Anyhoo...that's enough rambling for tonight! But, I must ramble some to keep up mah reputation! *straightens up all important like*
Got a busy, busy day tomorrow! Woo hoo! It's so awesome to know that God has everything...even (or should I say especially?) when life gets crazy! Oh, speaking of that! I came up with a (cheesy) acronym! Ready for it? Okay...well, today I was thinking about something happening tomorrow and I kept thinking "What if this?" "What if that?" And I couldn't get myself to matter how hard I tried. Then I decided to think of "What if" like "Wat if...W~When...A~Afraid...T~Trust...I~In...(the)...F~Father." Kinda silly, I guess...but it helps when you think of it like that!
Anyhoo (again)...that's enough rambling...(again :P) hope y'all have a great evening ('s past 10! I hope most of y'all are in bed or headed that way by now! :P) and have an awesome, awesome Tuesday tomorrow! Keep smiling and alllways shine for matter where you are! :D

I had to do some stuff in the kitchen (stuff is code for "cleaning" btw) in the kitchen and needed to watch the little I got him a rug and some toys and let him do whatever he wanted over there! After a bit of "I don't want to sit here, Auntie!" acting...he settled down and made good use of his
...THIS! :P

Now, you may be wondering "Why dat kid got no pants on?!" know that special moment when you're sitting with your most beloved nephew on your lap and you feel that unmistakable feeling that says that the dear little fellow has sprung a leak? Well...that's kinda why he only has pull ups on.

Then...later on in the day (after Jakie bug was gone *sniff*) Dad and Mom took the van to get all ready and serviced for the trip and then brought home pizza for dinner.

As bees are to honey, so are Pendleton kids (most of them...I won't say who's not *cough* me *cough) are to pizza!

See? Then we leave the crumbs for the dog. :P

"Sit, my minion!!...and don't look so cute! It makes! LIKE you!"

Oookay...I HAD to get this picture!!! I simply, totally, completely LOVE it. :D This is not Mom ready to go curl up with a cup of coffee for the evening. This is Mom ready to go up to the round pen with the horses! Ooooh yeah! Hehe...normally, she doesn't do it in her Pajamas, but I think Daddy was lunging the horse and Mom went up with him...I thought she looked tooooo adorable not to get a picture. Dawgon I love her. ^_^ She's so awesome.

Yerp...getting ready for packing. And no...I am NOT taking my ca...I mean...the broom. I'm leaving that for Em. :P

I'm pretty sure this is Joel's teddy bear...twenty eight years old!! :P

Okay, nails...I've gotten so many comments about them. I like them...I think their cool. But my family keeps saying they are strange and even goth. 0.0 I knew it was different and strange (and...maybe that's why I wanted to do them like that...or maybe it's that I did them at like one in the morning and wasn't thinking right...hmmm...idk...what can I say? I was bored. :P) But I think I'm gonna nix the dark purple if it comes across as goth. :( Guess I'll do something a little more red! Yeeeah! (Did you really want to read all that about my nail color? Probably not...but you read it anyways, didn't you? ...oh, the internet can be a strange thing.)

Then I headed over to take care of my neighbors place and saw our front porch on my way and thought it looked rather lovely. I love this part of our addition for sure.

THE BEAST!!!!! Dad has me walk Luther over with me since I have to go down into the woods and all to get to my neighbors...and the truth is, I like having him with me too. Funny how much safer I feel with him even if the worst he'd do is lick someone to death. :P Though, I'm told that everyone thinks he would really attack someone if they tried to hurt me. IDK...guess I just can't see Luther doing that! But...He is a German Shepherd...and that's what they're made for! Everyone tells me he looks scary...haha!

Over at my neighbors, she has some beautiful flowers growing on her deck almost all year long (sometimes I get to help take care of them. :D ) and I got a few shots...but I couldn't get any of them to come out quite right. :/

This picture just didn't was windy and I couldn't get it to come out clear because the flower kept moving. Ah...oh well. :P

And Baron von Luther. I mean...if ANY picture were to capture my precious pooch...this is it. *grins* just looking at it makes me smile. I never thought any dog could come close to BJ...but Luther has crept his way up there now. I call him many things...I mean...mmmany! :P And one of those is LOP. I know...kinda crazy...but it stands for "Loyalty On Paws." :P


  1. Your Dad calls Precious by her name also. Which also took me a bit off guard, but it was epic.

    Ask a guy to look at his nails and he folds his hand over, palm-up and curls his fingers. Ask a girl and she spreads her fingers apart, palm-down. Every time.

    And your acronym isn't's really pretty profound, I think...all fear crumbles under united prayer.

    1. Haha...I know. He even talks about Precious around here. :P

      Hmmm...hadn't thought of that. I do it like a guy sometimes...but that's probably because I bite them. :P Normally though, if I was asked to look at my nails, I guess I spread them out...interesting. Quite.

      Cool. Thanks. Yes...yes...this is very true. :)

  2. Your nails look cool. I don't think they look Goth because the rest of you doesn't look Goth. ;)

    And I just want to hug Luther. Like, really badly.

    Have fun on your trip! =)

  3. Hey Anna!
    I discovered your blog through OYAN - it is so awesome! Hope you have a safe trip. :) Praying for you!