Sunday, August 5, 2012

There and Back Again~A Hobbits Tale. By:Bilbo Baggins

So, today was lo--...okay...enough of that. :P Today, Dad, Em, Micah and I went down to FL to visit our church family down there. Listened to a great message, as always from Pastor Jeff P. It was nice to catch up with some folks there. Though, I realized...I never really talk much to people my age...always talked to the older adults there. :P I didn't get pictures at church...but I got a few of the trip. So here they are. 
And...again...I know I have more to ramble about it...but I just can't remember what to say. :P
So...since pictures speak enough for themselves (with my brilliant, witty and altogether superb additions in the form of captions.) I shall let them do the talking. :) if you read the King family's blog with pictures about our trip to Kansas, you may remember that there was someone following us the whole way. Well...I looked back and was shocked...they're still following us. Creepy. 0.0 But they are very clever. They're never in the same car.
When I was little I thought this was the COOLEST bridge. :P

My totally awesome brother, Micah, and me. :D

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* I think I'll dedicate a love song to this thing...and the music it holds in it's deepest parts for me.

Do I look scary now, Kristin? :D (sorry guys...inside joke :P)

Em and I are such amazing big sisters. :D We love to buy our brother all of this fun, enjoyable, lovely...highly unhealthy food. :P

And we had to stop here. Dad looooves this place. I had Soda for the first time in...what feels like forever, today. :P

I think I must have fallen asleep on the trip home (which is strange, because I almost never can do that :P ) because all I know is we were in Hartford then I looked up and we were home. :P And the kids were in the pool. So PJ took me to get some pictures.

Aint dat cute?

Micah pretty much jumped out of the car and into his swimming trunks. :P He's gotten into the habit of posing whenever I have the camera out. I mean...he'll just stand there smiling until I take a picture. It's rather amusing lol.

My beautiful Mumzy. ^_^ (with a rather large mug 0.0 )

Then Mom and some of the kids went out to play badminton. This is team America. Mom and Abby.

And this is time USA.

And this Naomi. :P It was my job to encourage the players...I think I got carried away because Mom kept calling me "The Psychologist". So, of course, I embraced the rule and really got into it. Y'know...I think I could make a living at that. 0.0 
And I'd post a song...but I can't choose! There's so many that I'm loving right now. :P I'm pretty hooked on a group that is pretty strange and I haven't looked into. But I'm told they're strange. But they have some awesome, awesome songs. I guess they're something of a punk group...IDK. But I'm lovin' five or six of their songs. :D

Emily is currently walking around with Siri mounted on her shoulder like a parrot. *facepalm* And playing Michael Buble...

Anyways...hope y'all are having a wonderful Lord's day! And I hope you're smiling. :) Keep shining for Christ. :)
P.s. You can ignore the title of this post. I had no idea what to call it...and that line popped in my head. lol.


  1. *drums fingers* he's been following me too...hmm...must be those cursed Chinese agents again. Rats. They want the lemonade, curse them. Never can get rid of those slinking, bean eating snoops.

    O_o Minch is becoming a constant companion, I see.

    1. *pouts* I thought they wanted my signature...or was it a picture with me? *sigh* Oh well...lemonade wins...yet again.

      Ha! That's an understatement. :P