Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We got up pretty early this morning...as you can see.
Well, my friends! It is true. Home we are. Twas a dreadfully long drive home from Ft. Knox, but we survived and made rather good time and got home at around 4:30 central time.
The closer we got to home, the more excited I got. It was strange...I can't say I've ever been so excited about getting home. We had a wonderful time with Joel, Ginny and Blainers and missed seeing folks in Georgia...but goodness...it really is so good to be home again.
Emily was here to greet us, of course and she and I didn't have some kind of a tearful reunion or anything (sorry...that's just not her and me together. :P ), but almost the instant we were alone, we dove deep into "bestie talk". Now she's got Siri (da iPhone) pointed at me and it's rather un-nerving. Okay...now she's just sitting there staring at me...that's even more un-nerving. ...anyways! We are home and glad to be, I think.
Em and I ran up to Publix to get Mumsy and Dad some stuff and I found something out. You know what I found out? I found out that it's a ton of fun to watch the cashier's face when you say with a completely straight face, "Hey...I saw that y'all have the live lobsters back there and I was wondering if you have the the habitats for them." Yeah, that's fun. The reaction is fun. I'll have to try it again.
Anyhoo! We got up at o'dark thirty this morning and got on the road pretty fast!
Hope y'all are having a great week! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ...no matter where you are! :D

The Minions in the van. Profound, right?

It rained. Also profound.

Still raining...this is part of the National Corvette Museum. I wanted to go muchly, but we really needed to get home. 

I think this is Nashville...I don't remember. But I liked the skyline.




The minion has sugar. The minion has caffeine. The minion has another four hours to have to sit still. Somehow...all of that doesn't go together in my mind.

Birmingham...starting to feel like home again.

I like dis heya kiddo! And dis heya kiddo likes smores pie! I'm not a smores fan, myself.

Why is this picture fuzzy? It's PJ's fault!!!! I guess.

Yes, in case you are wondering...we ARE in Alabama. How do I know? Because "The skies are so blue!".

Good ol' Newton! Getting even closer!!!

Now I just have to unpack. Ugh...that can wait for tomorrow...or maybe tonight. I DO have gatorade and music...hmmm...sounds like a nice night. Oh, IDK... :P
Well, we are home! No longer 1,000 miles away. Whew. Okay, now I've got this ridiculous...restless kind of feeling. *headpole* I need music.
Speaking of music...I pre ordered my new Tenth Avenue North album quite a while ago and it came out a few days ago...me wants to go to Lifeway and get it...soon. 0.0 I can't wait for it!!!! :D :D :D 
Peace, y'all! :D And SMILE! ...You never know who could be lurking in your noggin. *Mischievous Childish look* Is ya spooked? :D
Yeah...before I get to weird and nutty on you...


  1. We got the tenth avenue album several days ago via amazon, and I haven't listened to the whole thing yet:).


  2. Haha! I had a very similar experience at Lowes today. We were only getting one small item, and the lady asked me if I wanted a plastic bag. With a straight face I said "No thanks, I'll save the trees." Yeah. I so wish Precious could have gotten her look. It was classic.