Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation, 2012~Day 7...Chillaxin'

  Day seven has come and gone. Not a whole lot happened. And that fact was pretty nice.
Right now, part of the family is downstairs watching something on J.F.K. and I just got back in from my walk. Lydia and Abby are on one of the mattresses, not too far from me, playing cards and Ginny has gone to bed with Blainers. I have a bag of candy next to me that someone really needs to come take away because pieces keep jumping into my hand. I just tried one of those atomic fire balls for the first time...and they are SPICY. 0.0 And it hurt...and I have no idea why I insisted on finishing it. Lydia tried to get me to stop...but I guess I wanted to burn my mouth out or something.
I'm trying to think what all went on today...Joel had to go back to work, so we hung out at the house all day. After all the business of the last couple of weeks (the last week before we left was crrrazy busy.), this slow day was really, really...really nice. 
I think I must be pretty tired lately...because I came upstairs at about 3:00 this afternoon and fell asleep on one of the mattresses. When I went back downstairs it was almost yeah...I took about a three hour nap. That never happens. :P And it's only 10:00 here now and I feel like I could fall asleep right now. :P
Tomorrow we are going to see Joel's office and meet the folks he works with. That'll be fun. :D Looking forward to seeing where Joel is all the time. 
We head out of here on Sunday...which means we only have 2 more days with Joel, Ginny and Blainers. Wow...time seems to be going so slow...but it's really flying by. 
I reckon' that's about all for now, y'all! Hope you had a great day and have an epic Friday tomorrow! Remember to smile and shine for Christ no matter where you are! Isn't it just amazing how beautiful life is? Doesn't it just blow your mind sometimes when you stop and think about all that God can and does do? I get overwhelmed very easily when I stop and look at what God has done in my life in just the last year...and even the very recent months. It's...beyond amazing. We serve and awesome God.
Anyhoo...PJ got some more pictures today! The little rascal will insist I take pictures sometimes...and of course...I can't say no. 

Okay, so I woke up this morning and walk out of my room to see THIS! Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed. :D Then being greeted with huge baby hugs and "oooos". I tell ya...there's nothing like the happiness of a baby to make you happy yourself. :D

Ginny and the kids plaid Apples to of the most fun games ever.

Then, the girls threw a ball at each other.

"Now, girls...this is actually not a weapon..."

Daddy put together Joel and Ginny's new fireplace for their porch. It looks muchly nice. :D

"WORK MINION!!!!" Micah was awesome today and mowed Joel and Ginny's lawn with Joel's new lawn mower. It looks awesome.

Me did some laundry.

It's just crazy. I can't seem to do anything or go anywhere without finding something randomly placed with some random message on it. Don't ask why I got a picture of Joel's tool thing. If you can think of a reason or know why I might have...well, good for you.

This is the coffee table that Joel learned to walk around. Pretty cool, huh? Now his son is doing the same thing. That's just awesome.

While I did some housework...Dad had the minions participate in the art of van cleaning. Serious business that is.

That's as far as I dared go towards the sleeping baby behind pictured door.

Yeeeehaaaaw! My brother got elected, y'all! :D

I put together some pulled pork sandwiches with Dad's BBQ. I think Naomi was very happy that I was taking pictures of her eating.

There are few things that make me happier to see kids reading. That sounds crazy, but it's true. I love seeing them lost in the adventure of a story.  I look at them and they are right there...when the truth is...Abby is really in the Secret Garden while Lydia is in the tree house with the Swiss Family Robinson. Isn't that about the coolest thing that you can imagine? Being in a totally different place than where you literally. ...Okay...sorry...I just think that's neat. :P

Naomi reading Black Beauty. :D When it comes to schooling...this girl is a whizz. Seriously...she's reading full, real books right now at seven years old and can figure out math problems all by herself before she's even been taught them.

Dad took Mother out for a cup of coffee and something like a date while Ginny and Blaine napped. So...they left me in the hands of my minions again. Hands that I am very happy to be in, actually. Me likes the minions. The minions are my people.

Then, Ginny came down and we all watched The Adventures of TinTin since Ginny hadn't seen it. I love that movie.

When Dad and Mom got back, we all hung out outside for a bit. The weather is SO amazing.

Lesson learned the hard way today: Next time I get it into my head to climb a tree...DON'T do it in a long, straight cut denim skirt.

But, I did  climb the tree and it was rather fun. And I didn't break any bones. When I was little I was practically a monkey with how I'd climb trees. I wanna do that again. :( :P

While I was climbing I had the song "It's Beautiful" stuck in my head. So I've been singing that all day and it's making me ache to play my guitar...I may just have to kidnap Joel's tomorrow. :P

Micah finishing up the mowing.

Ah! Baby sleep eyes are SO cute!!!!!!! He's SO much fun to squeeze hug...and he LOVES it. :D

Dad and I drove up to the gas station. He offered for me to drive, but I chickened out. *shamed* I've got to get over my fear of driving the van. I've still only done it once in traffic. :/

*shakes head* Dad is so funny. Posing for my camera with his Elvis smile. :P

Joel's back! :D

Just in time for dinner! I found my weakness when I feel like eating. Chex Mix. Crazy, huh? But the bestest is the sour cream and onion. I seriously almost ate a whole big bag the other day...

"Did you say...foooooooood?"

Then the family played Apples to Apples. I didn't join in on this game because I was finishing up the kitchen...I wanted to DO something. :P
And, sorry...that's all I got today. :P I was busy as soon as I finished cleaning the kitchen...and not much else really happened. So...there ya have it! :D More tomorrow, Lord willing! :)
God is so good. And life really, really beautiful.

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