Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tunes~OWL CITY

Wow! Tuesday again already! And I keep talking about the days being long. :P
Right now, I'm trying to think of what to post for Tuesday tunes this week...and to be honest, I'm having a hard time with it. Music is starting to be a struggle for me...especially within the last week. I love music...so, so much. Probably in a way that some people wouldn't get. It's more than just music to me. And...this last week or so, Music has been a huge battle. So...I really don't know what/who to post. There's some music that I've been looooving...but I don't know if I should. Nothing horrible...at all. :P Nothing even "secular". But some music that I loved just a week ago seems stale and boring now. But...hmmm...idk. Anyhoo...lemme think...well...ah! Owl City! Now THERE'S music I think I'll always love. :D
So here are a few of my Favs by Adam Young. ^_^

Of course I love this one. :D It's my blog's theme song...and kinda mine too. Love. Love. Love.

I found this one through a friend...and then I found "Shooting Star" on the sidebar. :D This one makes me think of the OYAN SW. *sniff* :P

And this one is about getting together with a bunch of people and DANCING! :D I looove dancing. But I've honestly almost never done it. 0.0

This has been a fav for a while. Love it. :D No...it doesn't make complete sense...but who says it has to! The chorus makes sense though. :D

Classic, classic Owl City. And this was the first Owl City song I ever heard.

I have no idea why I like this one...seriously. 0.0

This one has a line that I will get STUCK in my head for weeks on end. :P And I still love, love, love this song.

HOPE. What more need I say?

This one is so pretty. :D It's got such a lullaby kind of sound to it and it's soothing and...uhh...nice. :P
 (sorry...I'm out of original words today. :P ) Anyways...I completely love this one.

And I have so many other favorites by this artist...but I think that's enough for now.
Hope y'all are having a blessed day today and...hey! Tomorrow is Wednesday! That's epic, is it not? :D So smile about that and every other reason you have to smile. Cuz you know...there is ALWAYS a reason to smile! :D

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  1. I'm not sure I've ever known quite what to think of OC. Young is very much his own personality, from what little I've seen. And seems to live in his own strange world.

    But then, most of us artists do. He has talent, anyway. And I really like Shooting Star.