Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!! (A post of much nutty randomness. Read at your own risk. I won't say what the odds of survival are.)

 So, if the title of my post didn't scare you off... *bows and takes hat off*. Hurrah for you! You're a brave specimen, for sure. (You should probably take that as a compliment.)

Do you know what I've done today? Well...a lot. But, one thing I have done is say many, random things. Seriously...if just about anybody heard me...they'd think I was nuts! And guess what? ...somebody did hear me. Several somebodies actually. That's right...myyyy family. Yep. And guess what they said to me? They said I was nuts! Ha! The nerve right? Well, of course I asked what kind of nut I was...and guess what kind they said every time I asked? Well, I'll just let you guess! That's what I'll do. But I tell ya...*shakes head* the odds are completely against the answer.
Did you know that we have a bunch of eggs in a blingy, red basket sitting on our counter all the time? Yep. We do. And guess what I almost did today? I almost grabbed one and threw it...why? IDK...doesn't that sound like fun? did till I thought about what Mom would I just looked at the eggs and grinned instead. And I think I scared them too because they've stayed as still as stone statues all day!
Do you know what this time last year was? It was...*thinks* Oh! It was August 31st! But, It wasn't a Friday. Nope. It wasn't. 
Did you know that a whole year has past since August 31st of last year? Yep. It has. Why am I saying this obvious statement? Ummm...well....why not?! It leaves you wondering...right? Or does it? I'm left wondering. I tell ya...the circles things can take! Complete 180's, I tell you!
So...if that wasn't enough randomness for you...just check out these pictures I got today. :D (Or don't...the question is...are you nut enough to see them?)

Guess what?! Today was the first day in...what seems like forever...that it was actually sunny alllllll day long! What are the odds right? I think that's epic, don't you? :D

This is what they call A child. *nods* Well...something like that.

You know what this picture means...riiight? No? Ha! Gotcha!

Guess what this is? I'll anyone who can tell me what this picture ACTUALLY means.

This is not a Sharpie marker, y'all. This is one of them new, fancy epic doodlers. You can do lots of epic doodling with it. How do I know...hehe.

Would you believe that I found a kind of beans that I'd never heard of before? And in my very own pantry! These must be Mommy's beans.

I saw these red, star shaped flowers are still in I thought...why not get another picture?! :D
Hope y'all had a superextraawesome day! :D SMILE! Why? Well...if you're anything like me...reasons will pop up right before your eyes when you least expect them...and need them most. That's called, God working, folks. 8-) 
Have an epic evening. :-)


  1. Trev says you are random enough to be a Russian reporter. Russian reporters, you understand, report what makes them happy, however random it might be. It's an epic and esteemed position that I've freelanced in on occasion myself.

    But this is very random. And nutty. Very nutty. One would almost think you'd taken a spin in a Corvette or something and bumped your noggin.

    Now I'm getting random. It's rubbing off!

    1. Wow. Sooo, is Trev offering me the job? Sounds most interesting and just the job I'm looking for. *nods*

      Yeah. *sigh* Seems I can't help that these days. Done what? *blinks* That sounds like fun.

      Yes. Indeed. My power is spreading. *pats self on the back*

  2. Ha, I read the title to your post and then saw that it was posted on Friday and thought "what?" But soon it all was explained. I love randomness - it makes me happy. :) Is that strange? Perhaps, p'raps not. If so, I shall endeavor to be strange for the rest of my days. :P
    Hope you're having a fantastic Saturday, An. :)
    "shine, make 'em wonder what ya got, make 'em wish that they were not on the outside lookin' bored" :D