Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vacation 2012~Day 2...In the car and finally here!

 We made it here...all safe and happy, praise the Lord. :D 
Today, I admit...that was a very long car ride. At least it felt really, really long. Why is it that the car rides you wish could last forever seem so short, but the ones that you want over seem to go on and on? :P Oh well...we made it here and that's a good thing. :)
This is as far north as I have ever, ever been. And I think about as far as I care to go at this point. :P Today, we traveled through/to two states that I'd never been to before. Indiana and Michigan. Indiana reminds me a lot of Arkansas, only a bit less flat and there are more trees in Indiana. Michigan...I have to's really pretty. And the weather, oh the weather is so awesome! Just a tad nippy and...really great. It was so funny, this morning we stepped out of the hotel in Kentucky and all the kids started saying "Wow! It freezing out here!" When it was only about...60-65 degrees. :P That's what you get when you never leave the south, I suppose. :P 
We are just about 1,000 miles from feels SO far. 0.0 I far. :P I've got that song "A Thousand Miles" stuck in my head now. :P
 It's been a nice day, as far as long car rides go. I'm pretty tired, I think and trying to prevent this sore throat that keeps trying to get me. :P We should all rest well tonight, though.  Not sure what the plans for tomorrow are yet. Joel has from tomorrow-Wed off from work, so we're gonna be going out to their town and seeing some of the stuff that they've told us so much about! 
Little Blaine (or Blainers, as he's called. :P ) has gotten SO big! Can't believe it..and he's tall...only a year and a half and quite tall. And, of course, as adorable as ever! 
Anyhoo...hope y'all had a super, duper day! :D And have a great one tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :D

Me and the sun got up was kinda pretty looking out the window of the hotel.

Wake up, sleepy head! :P

We ran to the commissary and stocked up before getting back on the road.

When I was little I called these things "Cloud Makers".

Cool bridge, eh?

I honestly don't remember what city this was. :P

Mom gave this to me just before my trip to Kansas...wanted me to have something special, so I picked out a key chain...I like it muchly.


Dad LOVES White we stopped so he could get some. I kinda prefer a Whopper myself. :P

That's right! We are famous! (And historic, apparently.)

We have had quite the sampling of gas stations on this trip. :P Here's mah lovely Mumzy dear stealing some lady's purse.

Why is it so cool to see your name on a water tower and all over signs and stuff? :P

This is the part of Indiana that is like Arkansas...there are fields eeeverywhere. And lotsa corn. Lots and lots of corn. And soy beans, I believe. Beans all the way...beans everywhere. Beans growing in heaps, field after field of beans. Beans, beans, beans!

Now, folks...when you go to aint just Michigan no more! It's down right PURE Michigan! I guess it's kind of like the difference between bottled spring water and pure bottled spring water...or something.

The minions did rather well on this journey. Yes, they acted kiddish at times...but they are entitled to. And I can't say that I didn't act rather Childish myself at times.

That's a red barn. Yes, it is. And those are SHINY silos.

And...we're here, at Joel's and Ginny's house! :D

Getting a tour of Joel's shed/little barn. Very neat...he's done a great job.

Ah! Now...the main attraction...the baby!!! (Who is not so baby any more!) He looooves PJ's case. Seriously.

And...he looooves PJ! Just get a load of that expression! He really, really wanted, of course, I let him see him. :P

Me likes this kid.

Oh, I'm gonna have fun with PJ this week! There are so many things to photograph! Joel's already started calling me funny things because I keep getting "expressive shots". :P

The two Blaines. :D

Son of one Blaine and father of another Blaine. That's pretty cool. As is he...the father and son guy...the one in this picture. He DOES have a name...

Three generations of Pendleton men. :D

This is some kind of a weed or something that Ginny says tastes like licorice. I have decided to just believe her...because I don't like licorice. :P

Here's the room that all four of us girls are living in for the week. It's covered in air mattresses right now and the other three are asleep. I, obvious, am not.

Kinda strange to just post a picture of  the stairs...but these are the steepest's almost like climbing a ladder.

Oh...coolest part of the whole house...the cellar! It's made of stone.

This, Ginny says, is Queen Ann's Lace. It's SO pretty...wish I could get a picture that does it justice.

A beetle that is the perfect emerald color. ...I couldn't get the lighting right though.

See? He loves PJ's case. :P
And this is a star. This is actually the best I have ever been able to get of a star with PJ. IDK why it's so hard to get a shot of them. But I went outside for a walk at around 9:30, guess that's about 8:30 back home, just me, PJ and my prayers. :P And the stars were so pretty...I had to try to get a picture...and this is the best I could get. You can see it though, so it's getting better. :P



  1. That city wasn't Cinnci, was it? I realized from your last post that you traveled along the same highway we traveled on, which led past the Corvette museum. That city looks something like Cinnci, but I'm not quite sure. Not enough buildings.

    Darn. All these pictures are making me want to be on the road again. Me, Precious and a long stretch of highway get along well together. :P

    Love the house. And little Blaine is very cute. Tonight was pretty here in Alabama, but not clear enough for stars. Ya'll be safe and have a messy trip!

    (since you're obviously having fun, it would be lame to tell you to do that).

    1. Ummm...IDK...I don't think so...but I wasn't paying much attention. :P I don't think we went through there, though.

      Haha...sorry. :P

      I agree. *nod* It's a bit cloudy here...not too bad though. Messy...for sure! :P

      (thanks. :P )