Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation, 2012~Day 3...Grand Ledge

Well, another day is gone again! It was a rather nice day, too. :) We enjoyed some good time together and it's been awesome hanging out with Joel, Ginny and Blainers. 
The realization that we are 1,000 miles from home keeps hitting me hard for some reason. Not like that's the farthest from home I've ever been (I lived over seas, after all. :P ), but it feels so strange. This is the farthest from home I've been since I had a place that was really "home". And it's...IDK...just kinda...feels so far. When it's really not, I suppose. :P Ugh...speaking of 1,000 miles...I STILL have that song stuck in my head. It's so stuck there! 0.0 To the point that I started humming it in Meijer (kinda like Wal-Mart for those who don't know what that is.) and then Joel came up and started singing we walked down the isle singing the chorus to "A Thousand Miles" together. Kinda crazy...but what can I say? I'm nuts....and proud of it.
I'd give some more details to things today, but it's past midnight here and my eyes are burning. :P So, I'll just fill in the captions for the pictures and hope that covers everything. :)
Hope y'all had a wonderfully blessed day filled with lots of smiles and epic things! :D
God is always good...something you can see in everything.


I think this thing is a block silo...but I'm not sure.

We headed to church! Listened to a great sermon by Pastor Kevin DeYoung. We enjoyed church. Their worship service was very nice too and we talked to one of Joel's friends who is from Ireland...I have such a hard time meeting people with accents, because I barely listen to what they say. I'm too busy loving their accent! :P

Aftrer church Joel drove us around Lansing. We stopped by where Blaine was born...everyone else got out and looked through windows while I stayed with the munchkin the car. He really enjoys my Bible.  ...

And he loves PJ...always reaching for him.

Here's the capitol! :D (Excuse the bug guts on the windshield.)

One way out...I found it!

I was so upset when I was informed that this is not Big Ben. *pouts*

And Blaine has been loving my hope slap bracelet too. :D He started chewing on it...hope tastes gooood. 8-)

After we got back I snuck outside to kinda chill and took PJ to help me. There's something so relaxing about taking pictures. Here's some kind of berry...I have no idea what they are, but apparently they are poisonous. I remember taking this kind when we lived out in the country in Hartford...Jake and Em and I loved the color they were when you smashed them. ...I've been having so many memories like that pop up in my head lately. :P

Looking up...

I thought the bright colors were stunning with the sunlight filtering through the leaves. I can't ever seem to do things justice though.

Do you know how hard it is to make a dying thistle tree look pretty in a picture? I'll tell you...very hard.

I dunno what these are...

We headed out to Grand Ledge...and let me tell you...this place is beautiful! I mean...soooo neat. Got a tone of old brick buildings...some epic stone buildings and the whole town has such a secure, quaint feeling. Blaine has been enjoying my iPod muchly. :P

We went to an ice cream stand that Joel and Ginny have told us about. Good stuff.

Aint that a beautiful site? I think so.

Ice cream = Happy kids

Ooooooh, yeah! This kid ate almost a WHOLE big sundae all by himself...I can't believe how he packs away food!

Yeah...for all of you who see Micah at church at home with his dessert'll understand how/why he ordered the large cone when the small was just about too big for everyone else. :P

We headed down the sidewalk to the river walk. There's a neat little island in Grand Ledge with some beautiful views.

On the sidewalk. See?

There are American flags hanging on the rails...thought they looked pretty with the sun shining behind them. I kinda took my time and lagged behind a bit. Mom's always called me her straggler. :P

Crossing over the bridge to the island.

There are a ton of ducks in the river..they know where the food is.

If I'm not mistaken, this stone wall is used to keep the bank from busting and destroying things. It keeps things safe...and I think they use stone because it's pretty much unbreakable and is really the best material to use. It's pretty anyways, don't you think?

Now THIS is a beautiful picture.

We walked back over the bridge and off the island, taking the scenic walk back. Here's a star set in stone...thought it was kinda neat.

We took a breather near this neat overhang that was wrapped around my a stonewall and overlooked the river.
Aint she juz adorable?

Yeah, so...this doesn't look very high in the picture, but there's a really good drop right off the edge of the ledge. I kinda stood on it a little bit and Lydia told me to go to the very end! did for some crazy reason. :P Then she wanted a picture...and since she already had PJ (didn't want to risk him dropping and getting hurt...that would be sad.) she took a picture. Then I promptly left the ledge. And Lydia insisted that I tell everyone that I pretty much freaked out getting back. I'm terrified of heights...I don't mind admitting it... note my stiff posture in the picture. :P Thanks,'re a real comrade.

*rolls eyes and grins* here's Abby being purely Abby!

And Naomi ran over in front of the camera smiling...yeah...she's shy... *cough*

Ohhhhh! In the garden they had Giant Zinnias! They. are. SOOOOOOOO. beautiful! Like...oh, they are SO pretty!

And back at the house. :D

Dinner time! I was still completely stuffed from ice cream. :P

Then Joel and I ran up to the movie store to get a movie for everyone. It was awesome hanging out, just him and me. Got to talk and just enjoy time together. :)

I took my walk again tonight and tried to get a decent night time didn't work. :/

Then we all huddled together in the living room and watched...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!! :D :D (censored, of course.) This movie, if watched with caution and guidance ( :P ) is one of the best eeeever.
And I do believe I am thoroughly tired now. :P That sore throat tried to come back again today, but still hasn't made a full appearance. Very strange...but it's welcome to stay away! Think I'll see if I can get some sleep. I believe we are going to town again tomorrow...gonna go around to some more of Joel's and Ginny's favorite spots. That should be nice. :)
Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY (because happy rules!) day tomorrow! :D Oh...and epic too. :D Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are! :D


  1. Looks like ya'll are having a great time! Give Joel, Ginny and Blainers tons of hugs from me and continue to have a blast! :)


  2. Ha. Ironic the walls. Saw several in Birmingham also. Must be a universal design, which is no surprise. Most epic, if you ask me.

    Looks like ya'll are having a blast! Mr. Director's appetite is unabated by a change in climate, I see. No problems there. 8)

  3. Ah, I just thought of something! Ya'll are in/near Lancing. I didn't know where exactly Joel lives, but you know, Shelby's sister Cassandra lives in Lancing. If you happen to see a pretty, middle-class house someplace in the city, you should ask PJ to get a pic and call it Cassie's place.

    1. Oh, okay! That'd be neat. I think we are going to Lansing tomorrow...PJ and I have a mission. 8-)