Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie Night With Brotha~2

Well, yes...this post is about my movie night with Brotha (Yes, that's a name. That's his name. But you may not call him that. Not even his other siblings may call him that. Only I may. Why? Because I said so. So there. I...uhh...mean...pretty please? *innocent smile*) But, I got some pictures of our sunset last night. It was so, so beautiful and I'm afraid PJ and I just couldn't do it justice. But...we got a few shots anyways.

For some reason this makes me think of the old Ten Commandments movie with Charlton Heston.  
The sky looks like it's on fire! :D

 Then! I'd been wanting to watch Saving Private Ryan for a while I grabbed Micah and asked if he'd care to watch it with me. (Call me an ostrich...I don't like watching that kind of movie by myself. Well, actually...I don't like watching any movie by myself.) So...together, he and I marched over to Father-dear and pleaded with him...we didn't have to plead to hard though. :P So, we geared up and headed to watch it. (Okay, more like I geared up for another bloody, action packed, heart wrenching war movie. Why on earth have I been loving these movies so much lately? That's so strange...I love and hate them at the same time. Hmmm...I'm...strange. 0.0 )
Anyhoo, this movie was awesome. Seriously. I's probably the goriest (goriest...not bloodiest) of all the war movies I've seen and there was one scene to fast forward where some of the guys are talking in a less than child friendly manner (and that means that I, especially, can't hear it.). But over was a great movie. I don't like Tom Hanks...but I have to admit he was great in this, as were all the other characters. BEST, BEST, BEST character in the whole movie was the sniper. Hands down. No questions asked. I mean...quoting scripture as he's aiming? Seriously. He was awesome. 
Anyhoo...lotsa blood and I actually cried at the very end. :/ 
I think I liked Black Hawk Down better, but the movies are so completely different. Black Hawk Down is very plot driven, whereas Saving Private Ryan is very character driven.  So, it's hard to compare the two. 
Again, this is a movie that I've heard about my entire life...and I finally saw it. :D :P That's kinda like a historical event happening, people. are a few pictures of this historical event.

We needed something to drink whilst I shook us up some chocolate milk. :D Of course, my stomach was literally churning within the first ten minutes of the movie (that D-Day scene is gorrrry. 0.0 )...but we still managed to drink all of this between the two of us and could have gone for more. :P Good stuff.

 I am special. You know how I know? I'm allowed to go past THIS door. Yeah...the one with all the "Keep Out" kind of signs.

Did I happen to mention God has given me one of the world's most awesome, amazing and epic brother? And no...I'm not just saying that.


Oh! So, remember the last movie night with Brotha? Where I wore that special, old Chevy hat? Well! Last night, he let me wear a different one! :D

We took a quick break in the middle of the movie and when I came back, Micah was animating an Uzi, I think.

Then, when the movie was over, he gave me a rundown on his "role model" Steven Spielberg. :P 
Had an awesome time...way better than the theater. :D (Because, at the theater, I don't have my pillow to curl up with and peak over.)

I haven't really rambled toooo much in this post. That can't be good. I'll lose my reputation and misrepresent my blog! *gasps* that would be horrible! I must do something! But what? ...hmmmm...Oh!...would y'all like to hear something random? I bet you would! Wouldn't you? You're just aching to know, aren't you? (see? I'm rambling.)
Okay...something random...let me think. Oh there are so many random things to choose from! So many epic, make you laugh (or if they are random enough and make you laugh hard and suddenly enough...they will make you choke on water) random things! (Am I random yet?) Hmmmm...what shall it be? Something so would be impossible for you to understand it. Or, at least, the odds would say everything against it. least, it just won't have any point to it. Will it? Hmmm...that's up to you. You know what they say! "One man may see only a can of beans, while the other sees the egg hidden inside."
Did you know that Macadamia nuts are the most expensive nut at CVS? Yes...I noticed this. You know what that means right? That's one special nut! 

Do you have a headache yet?
Goodnight! :D Hope y'all have a lovely day tomorrow! Shine brightly for Christ no matter where you are!
Over and out for now.


  1. I want to see that movie...I've seen a little of it. A little gory, yes. I just don't know how a man could charge out of a boat like that. I guess you just don't think.

    Btw, Trev's dictionary defines your names as: "Essentially the quintessential example of randomness restricted to definition beyond reason of adult explanation."

    I apologize. He's a bit harsh.

    1. You should. *nods* It's good.

      *blinks* wow...I had no idea my name was in his dictionary. Well, hey...what can I say? Harsh...sometimes is just plain truth. I suppose I'll have to accept it.

  2. Silly, I named her. Her name means "Sunshine."

  3. Silly, I named her. Her name means "Sunshine."

  4. Silly, I named her. Her name means "Sunshine."