Thursday, August 2, 2012

It never gets old...

It's true. Music just doesn't get old. It don't! :P
I'm in in the kitchen all day today (and as Rapunzel said... "Best day EVER!" :D ...I like the kitchen. lol. ) and...I'm love, love, loving Pandora today. :D Actually, Em said I'm enjoying it too much...cuz...well, I've got it on the Christian station...and every time a song I like (which is just about every song) comes on I kinda...squeal in excitement...I don't mean to...I just get too excited. I have what we like to call "thrill issues". :P So, I've managed to stop doing that...mostly. :P
Anyhoooo...this song keeps coming on the radio and now on Pandora and I loooove it. Thought I'd throw it up here and let y'all enjoy it too. (Assuming you like it...if you don't...well, then I'm throwing it up here for you to not enjoy it. Aren't I kind? :P )
Hope y'all are having a great day! :D Full of lots of smiling and shining. :D

(JSYK...I have not watched the vids...)

Oh! And one more... :D Love this one...makes me think of stars when it talks about lighting up the sky to know that God is with us. ^_^

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  1. Oh I like "I refuse" by Josh Wilson! Our radio station doesn't play it much anymore though. :(

    I love reading your blog Anna! It's so fun!