Friday, August 17, 2012

Vacation 2012~Part 1...On the Road!

Well, heeeowdy, y'all! :D Hope you've had a lovely day! We have had a long day! :P Been in the car almost all day...and are in Kentucky right now at Ft. Knox. (Ahhh...Army...always feels like home somehow. :P ) 
So, we got up this morning and got the packing all finalized...then Dad got home from work and we piled into the van and left! Yes! We left. 
The ride was pretty nice today...since there are only five of us "kids" this time, I got my very own seat in the van. It's crazy how things change in just a few years. Doesn't seem that long ago that all of us were going on vacation to Helen Ga...and now our family has shrunk! (Or grown...however you look at it.) 
Anyhoo...nice, long drive. Lots of time to just sit and...think. Yep. I do that every now and then. The nice thing is when there's lots of epic happy things to think about. And would you believe how many random things can be on just a road that make you smile? 
As I said, we are in Kentucky now and we will be in Michigan with Joel and Ginny and Blainers tomorrow, Lord willing. Gonna be another long day in the car, but that's okay! It's been kinda nice just riding. :)
The hotel here on post is pretty nice. Ohhh...and they have one of those wide, fancy shower heads....*grins*. It's nice. :P Got a small suite and are all spread out now. I can't believe everyone isn't asleep yet. :P
I had the hardest time getting online...the thing wouldn't work! But...I reallly want to keep up with the I persevered and look! It worked! :D
I feel very far away from home right now...maybe that's because...I am. :P It's good to get away with just the family...but I can't help a bit of homesickness. :P
Anyhoo! Enough of my rambling...onto the pictures! :D

On the way, oh happy day! 

Of course, we must stop at MickeyD's!!! 

I tried one of those new chocolate chip frappe things. It was pretty good...but faaaaar too sweet for my taste. :P

My happily munching minions. :D

*sigh* *smiles* Happy music to help me get past the idea of being gone from home for two weeks. :P (It gets easier after the first couple of days...I almost always go through this. :P ) 

Look, y'all! A HUGE city! It''s Birmingham!!! :P

Skyscrapers... *cough* yeah...

This kid knows how to travel. 8-)

The Tennessee river! :D I realized, somewhere along the way, that today it has been  exactly 2 months since the Kansas trip...and it's funny cuz part of the route was the same...don't know why that's makes more sense when I think it instead of say it. :P

It rained...see? I get so nervous in the car when it storms. I bad. :P Praise the Lord, it just rained and didn't really storm. 

A happy Mommy...she's got her coffee. :D

Guess what? If the cheese on Little Caesars pizza makes you sick as a can get breadsticks instead. How do I know? ...take a guess. 

Okay...did you know that Corvettes are made in Kentucky. I didn't know that before. This is a picture of the Corvette museum. Too bad it's blurry...

And this is where the epicness is produced. This...this is THE Corvette factory. 

Almost there...

There! :D

Tomorrow we're going to the commissary and get some shtuff then be on our way to Joel and Ginny's! I started my next book today. And...I...started it without outlining. So...yeah...noooot good for me. I've got to outline. And soon. But! I've got a good idea where I'm going and I'm pretty excited about it. But I should outline. Yick. :P But hey! It will give me something else to do in the car tomorrow. 

Y'all have an EPIC day tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ now matter where you are! 
Isn't life amazing? Like...just...epic? Mind blowing, people. Mind blowing when you really think about it. And, of course, I think about it. 8-)


  1. I remember that Corvette museum. We talked about stopping on the way home from Cincinnati, but we never did. Pure epicness, right there. Almost like everyday epicness or something!

    1. Yeah...I'm not normally huge on cars...but this museum really interests me for some reason. Random me again, I guess. Wish we could go...would be so epic.