Friday, August 24, 2012

Vacation, 2012~Day 8...Not sure what to call it

Well, this was another busy was pretty nice...but I'm going to keep this post shorter because it's past 11:00 tonight and I am dawg tired...and I still need to go take a shower tonight, because it appears we are getting up and going to yard sales early tomorrow. 0.0 Eh...maybe I'll find a book at one of them. :P
So...I'll let PJ do most of the talking tonight. :P
Hope y'all had a great day! So much to smile about and be thankful for. God is SO good. :)
Peace, y'all.

We got up and hung out at the house...then headed to see Joel's office.

That was my bear...I remember when I bought cool to see Blaine playing with it.

Here's where Joel works.

In the office.

Dad checking out Joel's office.

Joel had this in his office and I totally loved it.

Yeah, and I loved this one too. :P

Joel had a lunch break, so we all got in the van and headed to a park for sandwiches.

After getting Mumsy a coffee, of course.

I'm not going to say anything about this sign. Except I was outraged. Seriously...people have such a narrow view of children these days.

He's getting away! Warn the world!!!!

Lovely lovely.

And cool Daddy...totally cool. 8-)

Abby, trying to hid the doughnut holes!! Hand 'em over, kid!

Every time I see this word, I think of my character, Trisha.

We had to leave Joel at that evil place called..."The office." (Okay, actually, his office was awesome. As were his bosses. Some really, really awesome, Christian men. It was great meeting them.)

Then, we kidnapped Ginny and Blainers and went to their small, local zoo!

Inside the zoo they had stone on the ground. makes you feel safe knowing that there is such solid ground under you.

They had a pretty neat reef exhibit.

It's Mr. Cool again. 8-)

The otters were incredibly active.

Well, it's no ostrich...but it'll do.

Ahhhhh! An ostrich!! I named him Oscar. :D I was very excited to see ostriches.

Yes, apparently this guy is related to the elephant. Though, it took several million years to get to where it's so clear that he's related to elephants. I mean...just look at the massive resemblance. (*cough* forgive my sarcasm.)

Look...goats! I have one word...RUN! (though...I don't mind goats as SOME people I know...*cough* hi...Emily...*cough*)

 I didn't name him Oscar.

"Dude...what is up with all these people coming out in the hot sun to look at a bunch of lazy animals?"

"I dunno, man. I'm so over it. But why don't you see what happens when you spit on them?"

I think of Narnia every time I see a squirrel.

I learned today that these creatures can go nine days without eating or drinking...however...when they DO drink they can drink thirty gallons of water in ten minutes.

This was the best lion experience I had ever had. The only thing between us and the lions was glass...and they were right up against the was so neat. I knelt down and when one of them stood up and looked straight into my was ammmazing. I'd hate to meet one of these girls in the wild. 0.0

The tiger was very neat, but he was a bit of a stinker and wouldn't let me get a good shot of him.

Dat so cute!

A UNICORN! I KNEW they were real! I KNEW it! I KNEW it! :D (It looks different than I thought...but I KNEW they were real!) ... ... ... ...

It's King Julian!!!!!! (Yes...I actually love a kids's show. :P ...(but it's NOT My Little Pony.)

Okay, hands down...the coolest thing in the zoo...I don't know if you will be able to see it in this picture...but it made me grin muchly. Can you see it? Right there on the wall...

Look out!!! The Gorilla escaped!!!'s JOEL sneaking in on us. :P He got off early from work and chased us around the zoo till he found us. :P


I begged Dad for an Ostrich...he says no... :/ and I didn't have much more success with the owl...

Ah! Tis Her Lovliness again!

Me likes this picture muchly. So cool seeing my brother with his family.

Yeeehaaaaw! This is what they ride up north instead of horses, y'all!

Joel kidnapped PJ...ah! The outrage!

He's. so. cute.

"I have nothing to say to this. My father has paid a whole dollar for a tiny piece of seed string to feed the birds. My aunt Anna tells me that you can buy strands and strands of this very substance for only a few dollars. Do you realize the profit these people are making on us poor, gullible tourists?"

It's the Minion habitat!!!

*melts* That's gotta be one of the cutest pictures ever.

That thar's a tree stump.

And that's the duck, bidding us farwell from the zoo.

After we left the zoo, I rode with Joel to his office so that he could do something really quickly. We enjoyed some conversation, but mostly just jived to his music. 8-)

Then we went to this cool place for dinner.

Rather busy inside...

So, we take the outside!

I had a most charming dinner companion.

Poor Joel...he gets bored easily.

We got three Chicago style pizzas. These things were MASSIVE. I'm still feeling sick from that cheese. :P

Since I've been begging to go to Chicago...Dad said this is as close as I can get on this trip. :/ :P

Art. Well, it is!


  1. What? He's a CALVINIST?

    Have you ever noticed that all zoos smell the same? Yes. That was a pointless question.

    (btw...I don't see anything on the wall...and feel foolish because of hat's off to you if this is a joke).

    1. IKR? Outrage.

      Ummm...can't say that I have actually.

      (Hmmm...I wondered if anyone would see it. It's kind of...all over the wall.)