Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation, 2012~Day 10...Travels

Well, we are back on the road again. Said our goodbyes to Joel, Ginny and Blainers and got on the road at 8:58 this morning. We are back at Fort Knox now back in the same hotel...and are watching Hurricane Isaac to see what it does and then decide tomorrow morning if we can go to Georgia or if we need to head home.  
Not a whole lot happened today, obviously. And I wasn't very focused on getting pictures. I was too busy listening to music, thinking and working on a few things. So...sorry about that. This post may be rather boring. :P
Anyhoo...hope y'all had a super duper day! Hope it was full of smiles and epicness! :D

(This post is doing something strange, for some you you have to click on "Read More" below this picture to view the whole post.)

Joel and I a little while before we left. We both look like we just woke up, don't we? Guess what? ...That's cuz we did.
        Sleepy eyes

The girls got their seat all ready.

I couldn't resist getting a picture with Zack's Joel's car. I love this car. (And yes...the hood is popped on purpose.)

*sniff* ....bye... ... ... okay...I miss them. :'(

And away we go!

Breakfast? It is if you're on vacation!

I always get really shaky if I eat sugar or have caffeine in the morning...and I did both today. :P

I guess my consuming love of the stars is more noticeable/noticed than I realized because Lydia came running up to me with this purse. ...and...I couldn't resist it. :P Not only does it have stars alll over it...but it's got one big glitterfied star. I think they made it just for me.

I spent about 75% of the day with my headphones in while I looked up at the sky... 0.0

One of the best things we've ever we have power in the van and I don't have to worry about my iPod battery running out. 8-)

Dad wanted to try a new we stopped here instead of White Castle today.

The girls playing with Polly Pockets...I remember those being some of my favorite toys when I was little. But they are WAY different now than they were when I was little.

*happy sigh* Music

Getting closer to Knox, there is a road called Pendleton. We is popular.

Of course, we must stop here.

The view out of our room.

Mommy in hand, of course.

Cool man, isn't he?

Cutie pie

Do I have too many cords, ya think?

And, now we all chill for the night. 8-)
See y'all for now! Praying that everyone stays safe in the path of the storm. Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :)

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  1. That hurricane has been predicted to be all over the place. Which, I think, really means the weather people are clueless, as they've always been. I don't think much of it, personally. Maybe God is having a laugh right now. Anyway. Hope it works out so that ya'll get to stay in GA. :)