Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day of the Abby-Lynn was "Abby's day". The family went to FL. and left us here to fend for ourselves. I think we did pretty good. :P She was still a little tired from being sick this week (though she has made a full recovery and explained to me that she HAS to go to church tomorrow. :P ), so we kinda laid low and did some slower kind of stuff.

Here's Abby in the morning...with...uhhh...Sadie.

Abby wanted to watch Tangled. I was only too happy to oblige. :D Been forever since I've seen it. Now I'm stuck on singing my favorite songs from it again. :P

*long, heavy, longing sigh* I wish I could do my hair like that...

Abby kidnapped PJ!!!!!

Then! *rubs hands together* I put the minion to work. (Okay...I cleaned the kitchen while she got the cupcake cooker ready. :P )

I made us some iced coffee. :D

She likes it...

Then! We proceeded to make the cupcakes. This little cupcake cooker is so cool. And I kept calling it the "Cupcakeinator" like in the Cat in the Hat live action movie. :P

Then Abby wanted to play pool while the cupcakes cooked. Soooo...we did!

Then the cupcakes...uhhh...cooked. (Sorry...I'm trying to be profound, but it's just not working tonight! :P )

Loveliness I the only person who simply can NOT follow a recipe? I have to change them all. :P And I didn't feel like following a glaze recipe, so I made up my own. That's way more fun than just...following a recipe, isn't it? :D Here are the finished cupcakes...well..kinda. I couldn't resist putting some red, edible glitter on them too. :P

Then Abby watched something else while I listened to music and cleaned the kitchen.

And they have returned!!!!

And I had some extra (and colorful) cupcakes waiting for them. :)
Hope y'all had a great Saturday and enjoy and epic Lord's day tomorrow! :D


  1. Glad Abby's feeling better. She still looks flushed in that first pic. But apparently she's healthy enough to drink iced coffee, which I can't condone, but to each her own, I suppose.

    Hope she gets to make it to church!

    1. She you saw today, and I believe that Precious got some evidence too. :P Hey...iced coffee tastes /nothing/ like coffee. :P

    2. Yes. She was feeling good today.

      She was making hug-talk again. :P

  2. The cupcakes were AWESOME!!! Good ol' gal. :)

    1. Dawwww, you so sweet. Glad ya liked 'em, sis! :D