Monday, August 27, 2012

Vacation, 2012~Day 11...Still Here

 Well...we are still at Knox. Turns out the storm is going to hit home pretty hard tomorrow we're gonna head back to be there for whatever needs to be done in the storm. But! Dad and Mom decided to spend the day here at Ft. Knox and do some stuff around here. Turns rained off and on all. day. long. So, we ended up driving around most of the time...but such is life. :P It was still nice to just hang out together. And we feel right at home with the weather so incredibly humid. Right now, Dad has taken Mom on a dinner date, so I am...once the hands of the Minions who are rather caught up in watching Spy Kids 2. Strange movie...but if the Minions like be it. I'm listening to music. Right now I'm on a Michael Buble song that mah Cuzin, Sarah, sent me. I love this song. Buble is the only artist that I like in the style he does. And this song is sooooo pretty. 0.0 Anyhoo...before I get going on music again. :P Gonna be getting up and heading out pretty early in the morning...hoping and praying that we don't hit any storms on the way home. I seriously don't do well with storms in the car. :P Soooo, hope y'all had an epic day! :D 

First thing this the weather.

Everyone else went down to breakfast and I hung back at the room and got a couple things that I wanted to done. Cozy, aint it?

Ooookay...I found a wardrobe in the bedroom. I've tried SO many ways to get into Narnia...but never a wardrobe. I was so excited and completely certain that as soon as I stepped foot into the wardrobe, I'd be in Narnia...well...

Narnia isn't in this one. :'( I was rather disappointed, if you can't tell.  Guess I'll try jumping in a puddle in a pretty forest next.

And, we headed out! :D

Went to the thrift store first.

The PX of course.

We got lunch at Burger King in the PX and I told Lydia to give me some "smile power". 8-)

Abby has been my shadow like.

Okay, after a TON of trying to do other stuff and being rained out on all of them...we went to the bowling alley and the minions bowled.

So, they have a "pay per song" a modern jukebox...and it BLARES the music over the speakers of the entire bowling alley. Guess who I played? 8-) Yes...and it was epic. Pounding my music into the heads of everyone there...why did that make me grin like a hyena? Hmmm...I must be nuts.

Finally...people appreciate that Children are sensitive, delicate, caring human beings who deserve respect, attention and consideration. *firm nod*

Then, the parents went outside and left the Minions with me.

And I put them to work. 8-) Okay...not really. Naomi decided to do situps and pushups. 0.0

Then the Minions played on the playground for like...ten minutes before the rain hit again. :P

And we came back to the room. Mumsy bribed me with a Coke to watch the Minions. They didn't have Coke I went with Pepsi...cuz my other options were Mountain Dew (evil stuff) and Green Tea (NASTY stuff).

And here we sit!!!
I plan on blogging again tomorrow after we get home...IF we have power. :P So, until then...y'all smile and shine brightly for matter where you are! :D

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