Saturday, August 11, 2012

Look who's back...

That's right! One of the world's brightest, most amazing, precious, adored people in the WHOLE world came back to see us! :D (Of course he brought his Mommy and sister to see us too, who are also some of the world's brightest, most amazing, precious, adored people in the WHOLE world.) It was kinda unexpected and I was SO excited when I heard they were coming over. :D Jakie-Bug is one of my favorite people to be with...he's just so awesome and fun. And yes...he's my nephew that helps. lol.
Anyhoo! For all of you who didn't think that my last post of pictures with little Jacob had enough pictures of little are a bunch more! (I don't think there can be enough...but maybe that's just me... :P)
Tina and the kids were here till past eleven...Mom and Dad went to bed and we hung out a bit then I walked her and the kids out to the car, I put Jakie in the car and Tina put Bonnie in her carseat...then Tina and I ended up talking for a while... :P So, by the time I got back  into the house my "restless" hours of the night had started so I went ahead and cleaned the kitchen...listened to some new music that I'm now hooked on (yeah...even newer music that I'm even more hooked on :P)...and got the coffee ready for Mom and Dad in the morning since Em is gone. (HI, EM! MISS YOU! <3) It was great hanging out with Tina again. :) And, as always, I was SO happy to have time with Jakie-Bug. ^_^
Right now, Dad, Mom, Lydia and Naomi are going down to FL. for Starchasers and I couldn't really go so they have left Micah, Abby and me here today. Em's housesitting we are! :D Abby wanted to have a "girl's day"...and Micah was ALL too happy to spend the whole day in his room. :P So, I told Abby that this is her day and we can do whatever she wants! So...right now we are chillin' in the den and watching The Waltons. We'll see what else she wants to do today! She's a hoot and is always fun to be with. One of those kids that's just happy. 8-)
Anyhoo! I imagine there may be more pictures later on! Y'all smile and have a GREAT day and shine for Christ no matter where you are! :D

He headed straight for the legos...look at this face! :D Ah! I love it. :)
Another Dino! :D

Talk. about. puppy. eyes!!!!!!!!

Daddy getting the dawgs boilin'

Aunt and nephew...hehe...just a few years between them. :P

Sadie! She's done it again and has been put back in the slammer!

Yes, this picture is random...wait! No, it's not! It's of Jacob-Blaine...there's NOTHING random about that! He's just awesome and that's all that's needed to get a picture. :D

I let Naomi use PJ a bit...hehe...look at Jakie's face here....his smile lights everything up so much. ^_^

Making a train...a very serious business.

I LOVE it when he runs up and shows me stuff...he talks and tells me all about it and I only understand one or two words...but it's SO cute.

Haha...he was so excited to find a lego man with a hat on...he had seen Mom's visor and remembered it and started patting his head saying "hat! hat!"...eeee it was so cute.

The little princess. She's such a sweet, happy baby. I got her to was so, so, so precious. Ah...I missed her so much just after two weeks. It was so good to hold her and love up on here again. Everyone enjoyed it, of course. :)

Grandma, working her magic that she's built up over the last 28 1/2 years of being a Mom. Inspiring, I tell ya. :)

There's those two again! :P Naomi ran off after a while to go do something else, leaving me in the clutches of the world's most high energy kid! :P

Bonnie again...she's...slightly popular...

The sunset last night was SO pretty! But I couldn't capture it completely. :(

I thought Jeb looked rather picturesque.

And a flower...doi! :P


  1. I want to know how you people find the nerve to mistreat such an innocent, adorable and small creature like you do? Big eyes and such a sad face, and somehow you still find it in you to lock that harmless pooch behind bars! I'm contacting PETA!

    Once I finish that, I'm contacting the AKSA society (that's Assistance to Kids Spoiled by Aunts, in case you were wondering).

    Nice flower.

    1. I like the dog...but I don't want anyone to know. And she saw Jakie as a threat and kept nipping at him. Go ahead and call PETA.

      AKSA...okay. Well, I'm a proud protester of that society. As are my nephews and niece, btw.


  2. WHAT?! How DARE that dog! Behind bars with that pooch!

    Naturally, naturally.