Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Tunes~The Piano Guys

Okay! So...since I can't seem to resist cramming music down everyone's throat who stumbled upon my blog...I think I'll go ahead and dedicate a whole post once a week to it. :P And since today is Tuesday...and I feel like doing it right now...and since "Tuesday Tunes" sounds so cheeky...I think Tuesday is a good day for it. Don't you? :D I'll do it by groups and post my favorites of that group each week.
Sosososo...today I thought I'd post my favorite songs by one of my favorite "groups" eeeever. I know I'm probably not their very biggest fan...but I know I'm among them. :P I'm usually not big on instrumentals...but they take some of my favorite sounding popular/modern songs and cover them without the words. Soooo...if there is a song that I love, but don't particular care for the words on...I still get to listen to it. :D Now, that's not the only reason I like them, but it's a reason.

So...as our good friend, Bucephilus T-Dingleberry, said...without further ajou (I really have no idea how to spell that but it's pronounced "ashoo"...kinda...) here's mah favs by The Piano Guys so far. :D

They also do a cover of this song with a woman singing with them. And she's got a beautiful voice.

This one shows raw, pure talent. LOVE it. :D

I kinda melt when I listen to this one. :P It's sosososo beautiful and is up there with my very, very favorite two or three of theirs.

This is one of the prettiest vids they have done. And I'm considering doing a vocal cover, using their music, and sending it to them. That'd be loads of fun. I just need someone who knows how to use the mixing program, Audacity. :P

I'm not a classical fan, but this has always, always been one of my favorite songs. This may very well be their best video ever. :D I loooove the it. Steve is SO much fun to watch play...and especially in this vid. (And it's the best version of this song ever.)

If you can watch this video without laughing (or at least smiling)...well...I just don't know how you can. :P

This. is. so. amazingly. cool. I love how their filming is even like the Bourne movies. :D

And...oh, I have a couple more...but that's already an excessive amount. :P So, I shall stop here and hope you enjoy a song or two. :) 
Hope you're having a super duper awesome Tuesday full of smiling and epic, happy things! :D Keep shining for Christ. :)


  1. My intro to TPG was with their Cello Wars movie, which was killer. Amazing group, although I personally prefer songs with vocals, even if it's in a foreign language. Their adaption of Cannon is awesome. That's about the only classic I like, and I've always thought it would be incredible on electric guitar with drums and such. Which I'm sure is not quite what Pachelbel had in mind, but hey. Call me a progressive.

    1. That's a good one too. I think my intro was the vocal version of Rolling in the Deep.
      I like it with electric and drums too. It's quite cool. :)

  2. WOW! I hadn't heard them do "What Makes You Beautiful" ...I already like the song, but their version was so amazing! Part of the fun is just watching all of them do their thing! :-) ...Really talented group.
    Good post, Anna...keep 'em coming!
    Love, Katie