Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vacation, 2012~Day 9...Different Happenings

 Today was our last day with Joel, Ginny and Blaine. Leaving tomorrow sometime around eight or nine...and I have a feeling that tears will be aflowin'. :P
We did a bunch of stuff today, so I shall let PJ do the talking again. I almost lost one of his batteries...the nice rechargeable kind...that would not have been cool. 0.0 We left to go to yard sales and I noticed one of them missing...and when we got back, I found it laying in the grass where the van had been parked, thank the Lord. Them things is expensive! :P
Anyhoo...hope y'all had a great day! :D God is so good, yes? Always something to make us smile. And can just be a thought or seeing something random. Just one of the ways that God is so awesome. :)
Over and out for now!

"Seriously, people? We are going to walk around people's yards and look at their stuff that they don't want any more...then bring it back to our place so that it can end up in our yard sale next year? Huh...okay!"

"I'm cool with anything...if there are doughnuts involved..."

I was crazy today and didn't really wake up till I had lunch at I didn't get out at a single yard sale before then. :P

"Uhhhh...Aunt Lydia...nice hat. But I have a feeling Daddy won't let me keep it."

This bug was quite persistent on the outside of the van...rather amusing to watch the poor fellow. 

Sugar crash


First of know that time when you are looking at some craft books while you are holding your nephew...and then you hear a chorus of baby "Ooooo...ahhhh..." and look over to see him talking to some stuffed animals. Of course, you can't walk away without buying one for you hold two up and say..."Okay, buddy. Which one do you want?" and he grabs both of them and hugs them. Yeah...he got them both. Second of all...look at those big blue eyes!!!!

After our morning of shopping...we came back and hung out at the house. me...some kind of a face. I really don't have a label for it. Mom sends us upstairs to pack and the other girls have already finished it's Abby and me upstairs packing. And...she finds MY bag of candy. ... ... ... yeah.

"Don't tell Anna, PJ."

Of course, I discovered her...and she gave me THIS face. Come on!!!!

Me likes this kid.

Back to the bag. *shakes head* She's too much like me.

Can you say....over packer? That's me. I always over pack.

Oh, look! No candy in her hand this time!

I lifted the mattress and found a minion under it!!! Aint it cute?!

Then the girls watched some of Ginny's Dog Whisperer DVD's.

The lady of the house. :D

Micah and Blainers. Joel (Blaine's Dad) had a toy car JUST like that when he was little and we have all played in it...and still have it. Now grandkids are playing in it. I love toys like that.

Yerp...getting all packed up. Gotta love a 15 pack Chevy van!

Two of Ginny's treasures today. She got a crazy good deal on those shelves for her craft area and then Mom found the crib on Craigslist.

So, Blaine got bored with his I pulled my Sharpy marker out of my purse and decided to amuse him...after I wrote on the monkey...he was interested in it again. :P

Oh deal of the day...Joel bought a car!!!

A Black Ford, Crown Victoria...oooh yeah. 8-) I was totally excited. (Maybe it was because my villain in my book had this same exact car...I get all excited over silly things like that...sorry. :P) This car is awesome. It's got the same engine and everything like the Police cars.

Then we took both of Joel's cars and headed to see the "Grand Ledges".

Those white, fluffy things are some kind of a bug. Rather interesting.

I really have no idea what was up with this squirrel...but it was just laying there like that.

One of the ledges.

Yeah...I climbed one. that same skirt that I climbed the tree in. Not a good idea.

Then we headed back!

We didn't go down this path. But we should have! I am sure that we would have gone to Narnia if we had.

A cool family with their new, cool car. 8-)

Then we sat around the porch and lit a several fires.

The kids playing a game of ball.

And we were going to do smores outside...but the fire was being a we did urban smores. What are those, you wonder?

Ya wrap 'em in tin foil and stick 'em in the oven! :P

Then we all gathered around and watched an episode of Psych. :D
We had a wonderful and blessed time with the Pendleton family (hehe...that's so fun to say. :P ) and are so thankful for it and them. :) 
Night, y'all! Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow...and be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :D

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  1. That face of Abby's's getting much too good. The world is at risk.

    I love the car. It's really shiny. 8)