Monday, September 24, 2012

It's not a dream anymore!

 Guess what?! I actually got some pictures today! :D Not many...but's progress. :P
Today was nice...nice as Mondays get, I suppose. :P Didn't have too much going was a normal day. Felt long. But wait...that's normal, right? Long isn't always bad and I got a good bit done. So this is good! was a very, very good day in ways. As are all days...but some days are even extra very, very good. :P
Anyhoo! I won't ramble tonight...I've been rambling ALL night long...Em and I went to town and I wouldn't. stop. talking. 0.0 That's not really like me... :P

Every day Dad, Mom and the little girls go work with the horses.                                    
IDK why I found this pretty...but it is kinda pretty. I love woods...looking through woods...thick woods...must be the Narnian still in me that will never leave. And I don't mind. It can stay. :P

Naomi through all the kicked up dirt

Maggie..nuff said.

Toooo adorable. See the little thing in the middle of the pen with the rope swinging over her head? Yep...that's Naomi.

I love this. Is it just me or is he big? Or is she small?

Brotha is always good to keep me company when I work in the kitchen. Good brotha.

Za Russian Mushroom Tea. Yerp. That there is Kombucha tea. It will be ready on Wednesday. I was...actually...happy to see the scoby growing on top...but that's probably because my last two batches didn't work. Thanks to Miss Roxie from church giving us FRESH scobies, instead of the dehydrated one, it's working! I'm still...interested to see how it tastes. smells...potent. :P

This is all we have going right now, but come Wed. there will be twice this brewing...and then the next Wed...twice that...and so on. I keep a cloth over them since they are supposed to be kept in the dark. Sheesh...this is weird. :P

Oh yessssssss.  8-) I love Corvettes. Well...I have one that's my favorite, but I've never actually "seen" it in person. It's epic though. Totally. ...this one doesn't compare...but it's still pretty dawgon awesome. I had to get a picture. Aint it pretty? seems I am in the habit of posting music...havins ya noticed this? :P Well, this is a song that I have actually loved for a long time. Well over a year now. But...I guess I never really understood what it meant fully until recently. I actually bought Jason Gray's album today (yes...I went to's pathetic how happy that makes me. :P )...and Em dropped by Target afterward and I decided to wait out in the car. So...I put my album in and listened to this has my other favorite by him on here...and I can't WAIT to get back to my room to listen to the others! I actually haven't heard too much by him, but I love his voice. Oh...and an interesting fact for ya...he stutters when he talks...but not when he sings. Isn't that amazing? He seems like a really neat guy from what I've read from him. God's already used his music and words in my life. That's always amazing. Anyhoo! Here's the song! (Ha! And you really believed me when I said I wasn't going to ramble!) The bridge is beeeautiful, btw. Lyrics-wise. The whole song reminds me of a Psalm in nature.

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  1. That is my favorite song of all times! I miss you cuz... Doing lots and lots of praying for you. :)

    Naomi and Abby are just ADORABLE. So proud of them for working so hard with the horses.