Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well, the truth is...when things seem unclear, if I turn music on...just for those three minutes of the song...they feel clear. :P Crazy, huh? I guess that's why you (or at least I) have to be so careful with what you listen to. Yep? Yep.
So...I bought Jason Gray's album, A Way to See Through the Dark" yesterday...and it's really...really awesome, I think. It's kinda funny how it's not exactly what I'd call "my style" all of the time. Maybe I am grabbed by lyrics more these days...and I tell ya...Jason Gray can write some lyrics!
Anyhoo...here's some of my favorites off of this album. And I think I'll drop by Lifeway and see what other stuff he has...once funds allow. :P

This one is simply awwwwesome. And another thing I like about Gray's work...he speaks deep, hard truth, but not in a way to be depressing. That's a gift, I think. Love the end of this song. Subtle, but strong and beautiful.

This one...well...what can I say that he doesn't say in the song?

This one just makes me smile and think..."Yep, yep, yep." :P My favorite line "I'm giving up, giving in, once again...Child like faith is my only way to see through the dark." And there are many kinds of dark...doesn't have to be "bad" dark...maybe just...unclarity or something.

This one? Ah...the lyrics are just...amazing. The chorus is so incredible and true.

And the last one that I'll post. :P I just love the end line of the chorus.

And that is enough (more than. :P ) for now! Even if I COULD have posted more. :P
Y'all have an epic day tomorrow! Lots of smiles and shining for Christ! Remember...God is good, God is with us, life is beautiful and there is so much to live for. Those things are always clear...simply because God is that good. :) So SMILE! :D

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