Friday, September 21, 2012

And tonight, I won't stop looking at the stars

Wowie...what a day! Loooong. :P But, got a lot done. I did things in a scattered fashion though, so I can barely put a list of the things I did together. I'm waiting for the second loaf of bread to rise so I can bake it...then go take a shower and try to get some sleep before a busy, busy day tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow...gonna be SO awesome. :D Headed down to Florida for the big practice day for the show next week. I still don't have the National Anthem we'll just have to see what happens tomorrow and pray it works. :P
We got all of the sound equipment together with chords, mics and song CD's ready today...I'm sure it would have gone much faster if I had any kind of clue to what I was doing...but we got it done. 8-) I found out today that I am singing another song for the show...but it's just Amazing Grace...whew. :P
This is a song that I've heard on the radio a good bit lately and it's really a beautiful song...with such beautiful lyrics...I love the first verse and can relate to it so much sometimes. A lot of the time. Most of the time. Almost all of the time. :P
Anyhoo! Here's a great song from Jason Gray. (And this video matches my blog! :D )

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  1. Haha. You know, I relate to that first verse a lot myself, and I was praying one day and I was trying my best to figure out what I'd done to get it right be so blessed, and then it suddenly hit me "It's called grace, you idiot. You didn't do anything. That's the POINT." :P