Monday, September 3, 2012

75 + 75 =150

You know garden work isn't half bad if you can ignore the heat and have music to listen to. I found this out today. I listened to a bunch of music...Newsboys, a tiny bit of Owl City, Eleventyseven, etc. And...of course I listened to Relient K. 8-) It was was so hot, sweat was dripping off my face and it was still pretty overcast...and you know the song I kept listening to? One about perfect weather! :P Kinda funny, I think. Anyhoo...what is this song? Well...I have probably posted it before. I really can't remember. But, it's so epic that posting it again wouldn't do anyone a bit of harm. And who knows? Maybe it could do some good. All I can do is try. Yes?'s the song. Hope you enjoy and hope y'all are having a great day with lots of smiling and epicness. :)
In the words of Gladiator, Strength and Honor. See ya.
Remember to smile and shine for matter where you are! :)

WOAH! I just saw that this is my 75th post on awesome, ironic and epic is that? I didn't realize it when I went to post this song. Huh...epic overdrive right there.


  1. Whoa - that is so awesome! Epicness that epic can't be planned...which is what makes it so epic. :D Thanks for the burst of sunshine; I needed it today. :)

  2. Your math is correct!


    (my version of random)