Friday, September 14, 2012

A stone on the wall is worth 75 in the pile

Well! The day is nearly done (for those people who aren't night people mwahahaha.). Brotha and I have done a Spideython...watched all three. 0.0 Well, I kinda skipped in and out and did a few things. :P Micah did some green screen work too.
I've got dinner cooking and we are getting ready to watch The Hunger Games!!!!!! :D It'll be our third time since we went and saw it twice in theaters. We asked Em to pick it up at RedBox for us and we are quite excited. :D
Dad and Mom have sent a few pictures from their trip and I will be blogging those too. :)
Here are just a few pictures of the day...I wasn't in picture taking mode today (a rare thing), so there aren't too many.
Y'all have a wonderful day tomorrow! :D Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are!

Yes! I actually like these movies! (with the remote handy. :P )

Micah's diet for the day... (Not really...he had Mt. Dew too.)

Oh...yesssss! I found the BRIGHTEST nail polish at DG...this picture does nooot do it's soooooo bright. 8-)


Here's at the camp where Dad and Mom and the girls are!

Miss you Dad, Mom and mini minions!! Have a great time! :D
It was just another beautiful day in a beautiful life. *grins* life really is sooooo beautiful. Beyond beautiful. Unbreakably beautiful. God is so good. And it's amazing how He shows it...
Anyhoo! Y'all have a blessed night and epic day tomorrow! And smile! (And if you don't smile...well, there is only one thing to do then... *raises frying pan and hold up three fingers* you know what will happen...)! :D :D :D Not hard is it? There's plenty of epic, beautiful, seemingly impossible things to make you smile...yeah? Yeah. 8-)


  1. Micah and his sweets...gosh. That kid's gonna have blood sugar issues by the time he's twenty.

    But so am I, so here's three cheers to being awesomely diabetic!

    End of the day? Good-morning and goodnight, I wake up at twilight!

    Hunger Games is cool, but kind of heavy. It left me feeling a little strange after I saw it last. Not sure why. Good movie, anyway. :D

    1. IKR? Of course...I didn't show a picture of what /I/ had. :P

      Ah! You're quoting mah song!!!

      Yeah. Oh really? Hmm. Yeah, it is a good movie. :)

  2. I'M FIRST!!!!!! I will soon conquer all blogs, one mac to rule all coumputers!!!
    Nail polish? Uggg! There is no type of paint I like dealing with, except paintballs, I LOVE giving people paintballs *evil laugh*.
    I guess the title is referring to our experience with stone walls?

    The one the only,

    (I just had to have a cool pen name)

  3. Gerr. Eli's commet was not there when I went to write mine. Prepare for punishment!


    1. Denny!
      Sorry you weren't first. :P
      I've never plaid paintball. :(

      Who should prepare for punishment? Eli or me? O.o

  4. Pen name? PEN NAME? This coming from the same man who so epically declared not but a few months prior: "Pen names? I don't fly under false colors! I want people to know who I AM!" Your losing it, Dennis.

    As for the title to this post, whatever Anna meant by it, Trev agrees in his dictionary with her use and opinion of stones. Which is pretty unusual, because Trev is VERY particular about stones vs. rocks in his dictionary. A quirk of being a Russian, I's certainly not an American thing.

    1. He's lost it, eh? We should have a welcome to the club party for him.

      Well, if Trev agrees...I'm satisfied.