Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why not? I did two posts. But 2 is such a boring #. 3 is much better. Don't you think? So...I've heard this song a good many times...but it didn't really mean anything much to me until earlier this week. I love the chorus. Not normally my style. I actually rarely, rarely like female vocals in CCM...but this song is awesome. I think being brave means something different to could be facing someone you don't want to, extending forgiveness or even facing something in your life that you don't want to and being brave enough to do something about it. Simply facing it and backing it down. Be it something going on now or something in the past. You never realize how hard that can be till you actually realize it's there and have to face it. And it's God that makes us brave...or at least want to be brave. That's so amazing. Anyhoo...preaching, preaching. :P Sorry. :P
Here's the song! ENJOY! :D

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