Wednesday, September 12, 2012

*holds up three fingers* <----- That many songs in this post

I love some of this group's music...his voice is one of my favorite. I know I just keep posting songs, but I really have had no time online lately to blog pictures etc. So...maybe later on...hopefully. Anyways, for are a few of my favorite songs by Switchfoot. :D

This is a song that I could have written the lyrics to. :P It's such an awesome song that I'm glad somebody else wrote so that we can actually enjoy it and listen to it. Cuz I don't compose. And I think Mandy Moore's version is more popular since it was in the movie "A Walk to Remember"...but I loooooove this version way more. It's so, so neat. Just love this song.

A line from this song is stuck in my head right now, actually. :P

This song was actually written for the Narnia film "Prince Caspian"...I love, love this was my introduction to Switchfoot. I really don't listen to them much or know a ton of their songs...but these three are so awesome. This kinda strikes a chord with me. It's a very real song, I think. Very real. I like it.

Night, y'all! Have an epic day tomorrow! Enjoy another beautiful day in this overwhelmingly beautiful life! It's such a gift. God is so good. And life is just amazing, isn't it? 
Be sure to smile and shine brightly for Christ, no matter where you are! :D You never know when just one smile can change your whole day. One kind word. One epic more reminder to small sign of proof that life is beautiful...small as they may me, they are never, ever small. So shine!

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  1. Switchfoot has some cool songs. I especially like the last two. Two of my favorite by them. :)

    And I like that you posted three, because three is one of my favorite numbers. Actually, I have three favorite numbers, and three is one of my three favorite. The other two are also multiples of other numbers times three, and are each divisible evenly by three respectively. It is therefor the case that my other two favorite numbers are multiples of three, which means, on the whole, my favorite number must be three.

    Yeah. Okay. I'm weird.