Sunday, September 9, 2012

No, I can't stop believing that wishes do come true...

Well, I am afraid I didn't get pictures today. Actually...I did...but it was only like...two. :P I had meant to get more, but was enjoying fellowship at church too much to think of much else. So, no pix today. Maybe tomorrow.
I think that today may have been the nicest/best day I've had in...goodness, I don't know how long. It was just...IDK...light, maybe. It was nice to have a day that was just a plain ol' day in a sense. No really big issues came to my mind (and when/if they did, I pushed them out) and I honestly think the weather had a lot to do with how happy I felt today. Crazy as it sounds...I'm serious. The weather was soooooooo amazing. Such a blessing.
I'm not a morning person...but I woke up actually light hearted and happy this morning and that made me think of the song by Mandisa (ft. TobyMac 8-) ) called "Good Morning". :P
We got up, got ready for church (that was quite amusing this morning, actually. :P ) and then headed to church. Em and I took Dad's car so that Dad and Mom could go, with the little girls, to the Commissary after church/lunch and let Em, Micah and I hang out at church for a bit.
We had a really nice time...and that's when I meant to get pictures and didn't. :P
Then we came home, Dad and Mom went back out for a date, everyone chilled inside and I snooked (yep, I just made up another word.) outside to go for a walk of sorts. (Which really means, I went to the far back of our 5 acres and sat. :P Quite pleasant sitting, though.)
Now, we are all just chillin' at home. Quite pleasant chillin'.
I found out that I am singing the National Anthem at a Saint Jude's Children Hospital fund raiser that the mounted drill team in FL is hosting...that was kinda...scary and cool at the same time to find out. :P I've always wanted to sing that song at an event (whenever there's a football game, I watch the National Anthem and leave. :P ), but it's a tough song to tackle...but I practiced it tonight for pretty much the first time and I think I got, I'm looking forward to singing that and the song for the drill master's (Miss Tammy) solo on her horse. But, gotta practice...I don't even know how long it is till the show. :P
Anyhoo! Before I ramble you do's the object of the post. I was just thinking about this's a happy song. *nod*. It's hopeful and so true. The more I live life...the more I see God work, the more I watch the impossible become possible in my life...and just the more I see God in everything...the more I see that Jesus is NOT to be underestimated. Ever.

Later, folkses! Y'all be sure to smile and shine for Christ matter where you are! :D

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  1. The weather truly was incredible. And ya'll did seem to be really happy today.

    Wow. National anthem! In English or Russian? Oh, wait. You mean the American anthem. Yes, of course. Well that's a truly beautiful song. Micah must get video for us!