Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And walked for a mile or so (Warning: Song post)

No pictures today...just thought I'd post a few of my favorite songs...two of them are from the same artist and I know I may have posted them or talked about them or whatever many times before...but they are going on my blog tonight anyways. So, maybe you can enjoy them and maybe God can use them for you like He has for me before and continues to use them.
Anyhoo, before I start really talking...here they are. :)

And I know that "a few" means 3 (and really...who needs any # other than 3, right?) but...I can break the rules this time and post one more...just because I like it. A lot. And it has one of them best lines of any song ever in it. I'll let you guess which one. Or chose your own.

The Beginning
...uh...I mean...normally people would say "The End"...but I don't like that. Because this IS just the beginning, right? I don't remember who said it...but someone said..."every day is the first day of the rest of your life." That's so true...so live like that..because that's how Christ says to live. And that's why He died. So that we could live like that. 
Anyways...TAN is way better and more qualified to talk like this than I am. So just listen to the songs. :P 

So smile! Remember that God is good and life is beautiful...and that there is always hope (no matter what language you speak...or write...or read.) and there's so much to smile about today and every day from now on. *nod*
Night, y'all! Have any epic Wednesday tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful songs...the two SR songs really mean a lot to me, personally. I'm also pretty fond of the song in the title. Thanks for posting. :)

    And as for languages, I'll take Russian!

  2. Der Leiter has discovered your blog!

    Der Leiter