Friday, September 7, 2012

Another (busy) day in a beautiful life... part 1

Well! Looks like I'll be busy, busy today! :D Turns out that Tina had to take Bonnie somewhere and so Jakie bug ended up spending the night here. I took care of him out in the den. I don't say I slept in the den with him because I try to tell the truth. And to say that I slept would not be the truth. :P How can a sleeping little boy keep you awake? 0.0 I guess by...crying because he's lonely at two in the morning and you simply can't resist holding him. Or because he needs more milk. Or because he doesn't want to sleep in the play pen and would rather sleep on the couch. ...that and maybe some other reasons. :P
But! He is here and we are happy to have him. ^_^ I expect I'll be taking care of him again today...and trying to figure out how to do my deep cleaning chores and help get ready for tomorrow and maybe get a meal together for Sunday. I like to keep busy. *nod*
Jakie bug is  coloring right now...and looking adorable. He has already dragged me outside to chase a ball around, help him water the ferns (that he was so sure must be watered) and to get me sprayed with water. :/ :P (While Jacob is still quite dry. Da stinker! I tell you...I'm starting...starting to possibly understand what people mean when they talk about the ways of Children. Not *cough* that it's like I've never been around kids before. :P There have kinda been a few of those around here.)
Anyhoo! Hope y'all have an awesome day! :) I may post more again tonight...for now...I think I'll go get some coffee. Yeaaaah.


  1. Oh my. He is precious!! Lucky girl to get to babysit him!

  2. Such a cutie! Lucky you, except for the lack of sleep. =/ That's not so fun...but worth it, yes?