Saturday, September 15, 2012

Seasons are changing and waves are crashing and stars are falling

Well, well, well...I have decided that today is not Saturday. It's Wednesday. So, happy Wednesday everybody! (Yeah, that's something like a Garfield rip off...but not exactly.) 
So! Brotha and I have survived. Shocker, right? Not only have we survived...but we are still in moderately good health and ridiculously good humor. 
It was a slow day (that actually went very fast... *blink* I didn't know that could happen any more!!!) and it was realllly nice to have a day that nothing really happened in. We hung out and...that...just about sums it up. :P 
We had a few "chores" to do and did those throughout the day. I did a good bit of reading that I needed to do...and we just kinda...chilled. 8-) 
Right now, we just finished making sure we had the finishing touches done on the house and we're in the den, chillaxin' a bit with Oreos and milk. (I think I'm probably the only person who takes the creme out of the Oreos and just eats the cookie...)
Not a whole lot to ramble about here are a few pictures. :D

Last night watching The Hunger Games

I look like such a nerd in my glasses. :P I find I need them about once every two or so months. :P

Breakfast...CANNED Cinnamon rolls... O.o Yum. :P

Brotha working on something with a movie or something.

Yes...we hold coffee in very high esteem in our house. 

Little Girl Minion Laundry

Brotha was only too thrilled to fold the towels. :P

Oho!!! YES! Brotha and I FINALLY tried Hot Kool Aid!!! :D Yes...we really did! Actually...Hot Kool Aid is where Micah and I started calling each other Brotha and Sista. :P If you have no idea what I am talking the video below... and you'll understand.

"Brotha! I made this for you."

Micah and I both ended up laughing because it was NOT bad. :P

More Laundry.

Micah working on some kind of pouch for his Light Striker Gun. This laser tag thing is getting to be a pretty big deal at church.
Then I made lunch for church tomorrow. I didn't feel like finding a recipe and following I just made up my own. Way more fun. And less hassle. And more fun.

Oh...and I made epic jello. 8-) I thought about dropping a few stones in it...but Micah didn't think that was a good idea. :/
And I didn't get any more that'll have to do for now. 
Hope y'all had a wooonderful day! :D Full of lots of smiling and hope and epicness. :D 
Tomorrow is church...I may end up taking PJ and finally getting pictures...but IDK. :P
Have a great day tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are!


  1. Your brother...hmm. He is awesome. And wild. And so very armed, these days. Church is becoming a scary place to be.

    Ah. Haphazard cookery. Good things happen with haphazard cookery. I invented a BBQ sauce that way once...been forever since I made it. But I really liked it.

  2. I don't want to know what he green screened behind the coffee :P