Thursday, September 27, 2012

Off into the sunset, living like there's nothing left to lose

I have fallen behind in blogging! Shame on me. I went a whole day without throwing something up here. Forgive me. Do.

But, here I am. I have confessed. And now I remedy.
Aaaaand...this is where I ramble, right? Uhhh, I really can't think of no rambling to put out for rambling though. :P I always have a ton to say, then when it comes down to it...well, I forget. So...hmmmm....okay, my mind is wandering. :P So! PJ has plenty to say! Here ya is! :D Take it, PJ!

Thanks to the King fam for the breakfast cookie recipe...that's one cool breakfast. 8-)
This is the... K-k-kombucha tea. My first batch finished brewing. So we tried it., I really can't describe what we thought of it, so I'd better just show you...

Yeah...Em had PJ and this is exactly my reaction. It literally burned my throat...but that was when it was warm. It's easier to handle cold. The truth's cool stuff and I am going to drink it!

Last night was Bible study at the B's house. I love these kids. 8-)

Lucie...this girl is. so. cute. 0.0

Annie and Lucie. They're such awesome little girls. Me likes them. Me keeps asking their mommy if I can take them home with me. She says no... :/ :P

Titus...getting away to somewhere.

And today...just I had both of the kiddos for the whole morning. Up till about...2 or so. Mom and the kids went to horse lessons and Em had to work. So, after I went and did some work at my neighbor's place, I came back and cleaned some stuff up...kinda dozed in and out on the couch for a while...then I had to become wide awake! :P Because...well...those of you who know Jacob Blaine know why.

Pretty blue Bonnie eyes.

Pretty Bonnie. :-)


Jacob and his dawg


Jakie bug drawing. I tell's simply incredible what just a page with doodling on it can do to and for you. Incredible I tell you. Epic even.

And! More drawing...he's very talented. *Nod*

And that was all I got! Got too busy to get more. :P
Hope y'all had an awesome day! Lots of smiling, yes? :D
We need music, don't we? Yes...we do. So...what shall it be? I have found a new favorite song. ...but for this blog post, let's got with a classic. And YES...Relient K is classic. 8-)

And...because one is never enough!

Y'all have an AWESOME day tomorrow! :D Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :D :D LOTS to smile about. LOTS to be thankful is so beautiful. :)
Peace, y'all!


  1. Ilove the picture of Bonnie's eyes...@.@ Just absolutely beautiful. You get to hang out with such cute kids!!

  2. I drank that tea tonight. I told Mom it reminded me of something I drank one time at a place I shouldn't have been. I got some nice expressions for that, but it really did taste like beer or something to me. Disgusting, IMO.

    Looks like you had a full day. :P And you confessed your shortfall and baked breakfast cookies, so all is good. :P