Monday, September 10, 2012

To the end of time

 Well! Tis the first day back on "schedule". Not that we haven't been doing stuff for the last two weeks...but Mom has started school with the kids (do you realize how strange this feels? NOT to be one of the kids in school? It's stranger than I thought it would be...). It was really a very nice day. :) I got some stuff that I needed to done and really just enjoyed the day. I think the awesomeness of yesterday's weather (there are many definitions of weather) spilled over to today or something.
Though, I'm rather tired right now. I started getting up at my new time...6:15. And no, that's not really early for a lot of people...but when you are not (repeat: not...emphasis on: not) a morning person and usually don't get to sleep till about midnight or later every get tired come evening time. :P But...maybe I'll be able to fix my sleeping habits. And I chose to get up at 6:15 every morning. What is up with that?
Anyhooo! Not a whole lot to say...other than the the usual...God is is SO beautiful (don't you think? I do. I bet you do too.) and there is always, always a reason to smile (sometimes 150 reasons).
 I'll let PJ walk you through the rest right now then. :D
Night, y'all! Be sure to smile and shine brightly for Christ tomorrow! No matter where you are. ^_^ Speaking of shining...the stars are SO bright and clear tonight...they are soooo pretty.

If I am getting up and working in the morning...then so is PJ! You can see I put him almost straight to work. :P

And, I put my stereo to work almost instantly. I am trying out different things to help me not be a total and complete grouch in the morning. :P

We've transformed our old dining room into the best school room we have ever had. It's SO awesome. :D

Ah...I remember those days of school. Seems like just yesterday...oh...that's cuz it pretty much was. :P

Naomi enjoying the most comfortable space in the room.

Micah is doing school somewhere back behind all those keep out signs.

Abby-Dabby-Doo! :D

My natural habitat

This, my friends, is called a venting machine. :P

A great place to work. *nods*

An intruder in my room!

This balloon is leftover from the school party...I don't know how picked them out...but whoever did...I think they did a rather good job. *nods*

Startin' dinner

While I made dinner, the rest of the family worked with the horses.

Well, Dad and Micah put a fence up.


Dinner's ready!

And look who is here just in time to eat!

Oooooh, this picture makes me melllllt.



  1. Hmm. Well, miss school if you wish. Personally, I'm totally relishing being a 2012 graduate to an almost sinful level. :P

    6:15. *crosses self*

    The stars were very bright tonight. And last night, too. But they're blurry these days. Does a guy need glasses just to look at the stars? :P

  2. You just had to rub the school thing in. Go ahead and have a laugh, but remember that I am getting smarter daily, and you can do sooooo many fun things with collage level chemistry *evil chuckle*.


    1. Wait...did you just threaten her? Seriously? And you always go to bed so much earlier than some of us...