Sunday, September 2, 2012


 Well, today was Sunday (yes, it was) and just Em, Micah and I went to church today while the rest of the family spent some time resting at home. 
We had a really nice time at church and then came home to find that Dad and Lydia had gone shopping! They went to get the stuff for a fancy sandwich dinner (oh, I've got Julian Smith as Mr. Timn in my head. :P ). So, Dad and I made some sandwiches and we settled down to watch some Psych while Dad and Mom dined in their room together. 
Then! We had unexpected pleasure of a visit from that special person we all know and love...that's right folks, Jakie-Bug. :D It seems that he is in my care right now, so I've got the pack'n'play set up in my room right now and he's laying down trying NOT to go to sleep while he drinks his milk and we both enjoy my new TAN album. 8-) He seems to like it...this boy's got some good taste. *nod* Anyways, not sure if I'll get to keep him for the whole night or not, but I am thoroughly enjoying my time with him. :) He's such a precious little boy. It was so cute...I was trying to get him to sleep by walking around talking to him and it was working for a bit..then he spotted something and kept pointing and saying something that I couldn't understand so I walked over to where he was pointing and he wanted an orange! So I peeled and cut it...and then scrubbed my hands and am just hoping I got all the juice off of my hands. :P I haven't handled an orange in I don't know how long...but I couldn't resist that face. :P
Anyhoo, now he has gotten all comfortable, arranged the pillow I gave him, and tucked himself down under the covers and is slowly drifting to sleep. I'm trying to think of what is a more precious site than a baby or little kid sleeping. Hmmm, I really can't think of anything. 
Okay, so before I go on and on. :P Hope y'all had a wonderful Lord's day and are smiling! :) So much to smile about. Isn't it beautiful how you can see the beautiful things in life so much clearer when they are next to the not so beautiful things? The contrast is stronger and I guess it makes the beautiful things all the more beautiful and important and valued.
Anyhoo, y'all have a wonderful day tomorrow! Remember to shine for Christ no matter where you are.   :)

Oh, yeah. Last night was so pretty and the sky was so clear. So I went and laid outside for a bit. (Do I sound totally strange? :P )

I kept trying to get good pictures through the grass, but it wouldn't work. :P
Oh, and apparently it was a blue moon too.

Ah, yes! Now to I said, Dad and I made the dinner for I handed PJ over to Lyida some to get some pictures since I was busy.

Cutie-batooty Abby-Dabby-Doo. :D

The Minions decided to help us by going swimming. Here's Abs in her totally cool floaty suit. 8-)

"Oh, I just love cleaning out peppers! Don't you?"

Onions. Nasty things. I mean...really...who's idea was it to eat these in the first place? Can you imagine it? A guy pulls up a weed, sees some ugly, dirt covered, round object that makes you cry when you smell it and thinks, "Hmmm, what could this be good for? I know! We'll EAT it!" ... don't get me wrong...they taste great. :P

I ran out to get a couple pictures of the Minions in the pool. Dad's been having some trouble with the water, but it's getting better. :D

Micah...she's coming for you. That's a hint to MOVE. 0.0

"What do you MEAN, dinner isn't ready yet?"

"Oh, well if you're going as fast as you can..."

Peppers and onions. Good stuff.

We have this handy dandy meat slicer...

But Dad had me do it old school. :P

And it took a bit...but that was some good meat. *nods*

Daddy working his skills on the meat and peppers and onions. He's so good at cooking. Seriously.

Lydia making the best part of the whole meal...the french fries!

And Dad...he can't let anything go in the oven without putting seasoning of some kind on it. 8-)

Em was trying to get a picture of just my eyes. 0.0 But I had PJ's settings on manual and she took the picture without setting the lighting. I thought it looks :P Or just plain strange.

In the profound words of Jeff from Food Network..."That's a sandwich, people."

This is Abby raising her glass to declare a toast. This kid is so crazy and awesome.

"I'm eating, Anna. Take PJ and his snapping elsewhere."

A rather contented brotha.


And here's the kiddo! :D He was playing with Sadie under the chair.

And he was moving around sooo much when he first got here that it was hard to get a picture of him. :P

And the sun goes down on another beautiful, epic day. :)
Well, it's only taken me about two hours to get this post done since I've been taking care of Jakie and doing other stuff in between. :P Little Jacob is now completely asleep. And he's. so. cute. *Pulls out PJ*

And remember! *inserts epicness* :D

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  1. I have been noticing the little girls' braids...they are just darling.
    Abby's got this sophisticated cowgirl look, and Naomi evokes the cheery Alpine maiden with hers. These girls got some serious style! :-)
    Hello to all the Pendletons!
    Love, Katie