Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another day in a beautiful life

 Well, today we had the kiddos! I watched Jakie bug and Lydia took care of Bonnie. Not a whole lot to say about it...I didn't start school with Jacob yet. I think we need to wait till we have something of a probably next week. I can't wait to start. :D
Other than that, not much happened today, except that Em and I ran to town (yay!). I went to Lifeway and picked up so many albums I wanted...but I put all but one back. :P So, I got an album and a karaoke CD. Oh!!! And Lifeway is doing some rearranging in the store...and they have a new feature. :D :D You can select a karaoke track you want on a computer and they will burn it right there for you! Great...cuz I need to spend more money and this makes it so much easier *headpole*. :P
Anyhoo! Hope y'all had a great day and are having a wonderful evening and have good rest tonight. :) 
And! Hope y'all have a wonderful, wonderful day tomorrow filled with lots of smiles, epic thoughts and shining for Christ. :D
Later, folkses! SMILE!

He grabbed the dollhouse camper and started riding around on it. The crazy thing is....I used to do that with the very same toy. 0.0 And I remember doing it. Time kinda flies. :P

He quotes the movie "Cars" as he watches it. :P

Puuuuppy eyes!

Pretty Bonnie

"Ooooh, Auntie! Don't you dare turn your back on me! I'll be into something before you can think to turn around. Mwahahahaha."

Everyone else went outside and did their tie dye shirts.

Jacob wondered why on earth everyone was messing their shirts up on purpose when he is told so much to keep his clean!

Oookay...he wanted a hat. So I picked one out for him. Yes, it's blinged. I can't believe how this picture turned out. He was looking at the shiny brim of his about a face. :P

"Waz up, y'all?"

Then he slammed it on my head. :P

This is what happens when you listen to TobyMac with your nephew there. :P

Soooo cute.

Ahhh, good ol' home town. I love it so much. We saw this really cool, old green truck at this intersection.

*grins* I can't wait to get back to my room for the night.... :D :D :D :D That's mah new album on my stack of other albums.

Here's Jakie at family worship.

And mah lovely little sis. ^_^


  1. Eli just bought that very newsboys album, ha ha. I love the "don't turn your back on me pic"... All too true.

  2. With that hat, he looks ready to perform that type of music. :P

    Looks like ya'll had a nice day. :) Abby's smile is always so bright. She always seems content and happy no matter where she is or what she's doing.